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Upcoming ‘Battle Over Britain’ Film Chronicles World War II’s First Major Aerial Campaign

Still from 'Battle Over Britain'

The World War II-era film Battle Over Britain is slated to premiere in theaters in just under a month. Coming from the company behind 2019’s…

Cold War-Era Satellite Images Reveal Hundreds of Roman-Era Forts

Collage of four aerial images of Roman-era forts

Declassified Cold War-era spy satellite images have revealed new details about the Roman Empire, as they show hundreds of previously undiscovered forts from the era.…

United States Looking to Develop Nuclear Bomb That’s 24 Times More Powerful Than One Dropped on Hiroshima

Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit parked on the tarmac

The world may not be in the midst of a nuclear war, but that doesn’t mean nations have halted the development of such weapons. A…

TRIGON: The CIA Spy Who Funneled Soviet Secrets to the United States

Rosemary Giles
Portrait of Aleksandr Ogorodnik, better known by the spy name "TRIGON" + Krasnoluzhsky Bridge running over the Moskva River

Aleksandr Ogorodnik’s death was like something out of a spy film – that is, of course, because he was a secret agent. Operating under the…

HMS Medusa (A353): The Ship That Marked the Way to Omaha Beach in June 1944

HMS Medusa (A353) anchored at a dock

The HMS Medusa (A353) – formerly known as the Harbour Motor Defence Launch (HMDL) 1387 – was near Omaha Beach on June 5, 1944, the…

USS Gerald R Ford (CVN-78): The World’s Largest and Most Advanced Aircraft Carrier

USS Gerald R Ford (CVN-78) at sea

The largest and most advanced aircraft carrier in existence, the USS Gerald R Ford (CVN-78) is what the newest generation of warships looks like. With…

The Magic Engineering Behind Why Early Fighters Didn’t Shoot Their Own Propellers

Close-up of the front of an aircraft equipped with an interrupter gear

Let’s dive into something that’s been bugging many for decades: how did old fighter aircraft shoot at the enemy without blasting their own propellers into…

The Tank Museum Releases Christmas Knit Collection

Clare Fitzgerald
Six staff members with The Tank Museum wearing Christmas jumpers + Two staff members with The Tank Museum wearing Christmas vests

The Tank Museum in Bovington, United Kingdom has launched a brand new Christmas collection just in time for the 2023 festive season. The new products,…

Northrop XP-79: The Flying Wing Designed to Ram Into Enemy Aircraft in Mid-Air

Northrop XP-79 parked on the tarmac

The Northrop XP-79 Flying Ram was a rocket- and jet-powered flying-wing fighter designed during the Second World War for the US Army Air Forces. The…

Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum Embarking on Project to Reconstruct WWII-Era Fairey Barracuda

Fairey Barracuda flying over the HMS Vulnerable (R63) and an Italian destroyer

The Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum has launched a project to carry out a live rebuild over a period of 10 years of an…

Japanese Birdwatcher Stumbles Across Unexploded American Tank Shell Near Mount Fuji

Clare Fitzgerald
View of Mount Fuji at dusk

A birdwatcher in Japan got more than he bargained for while looking for fowl near Mount Fuji when he happened to come across an unexploded…

Ukrainian Officer Calls Russia for Tech Support After Captured T-72B3 Tank Breaks Down

T-72B3 tanks driving down a road in Russia

A video uploaded to YouTube by Ukrainian media outlet Militaryni is making waves for allegedly showing a Ukrainian officer trolling Russian tech support after a…