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Indian Navy Commandos Successfully Recapture Ship from Somali Pirates After 40-Hour-Long Operation

Assault boat filled with people moving away from the MV Ruen

Indian Navy Commandos took control of a pirate ship in the Arabian Sea after a dramatic 40-hour-long operation on March 16, 2024. The mission, performed…

Yasuke: The Legendary Black Samurai Who Reforged His Life’s Path

Ryan McLachlan
Artist's representation of a Japanese samurai

In 2021, Netflix released the anime series, Yasuke. It’s based on the real-life African warrior who, after traveling to Japan, became a talented samurai and…

History of Malbork Castle: From the Teutonic Knights to the Second World War

Samantha Franco
Exterior of Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle has a long and rich history that makes it deserving of its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 13th-century castle is…

Ned Kelly: The Australian Outlaw Who Wore a Suit of Armor During His Last Shootout With Police

Ryan McLachlan
Heath Ledger as Ned Kelly in 'Ned Kelly'

Edward “Ned” Kelly was an infamous Australian bushranger, outlaw, gang leader and convicted police murderer. He’s best known for wearing a bulletproof suit of armor…

Pancho Villa: The Mexican Revolutionary Who Evaded US Capture For Nearly 11 Months

Rosemary Giles
Francisco "Pancho" Villa and other Mexican revolutionaries on horseback

Pancho Villa was easily one of the most beloved leaders of the Mexican Revolution. Born into a humble sharecropping family, he rose from poverty to…

Charles Brown Never Received His MoH Because He Deserted Before It Was Presented

Samantha Franco
Charles Brown, Hugh Purvis and McLane Tilton standing in front of a captured Korean flag

During the 19th century, Korea was extremely isolationist. Before agreeing to the Japan-Korea Treaty of 1876, it didn’t have an interest in developing trade agreements…

Lost Cosmonauts: The Supposed Victims of the Soviet Union’s Space Endeavors

Samantha Franco
Space scene + Yuri Gagarin wearing a spacesuit

During the 1960s, rumors circulated that the Soviet Union had been sending people to space long before they announced their first successful launch. Experiments frequently…

Five Men Who Died At the Alamo

Rosemary Giles
Exterior of the chapel at the Alamo + Two male silhouettes with question marks over their faces

Not only was the Battle of the Alamo one of the most famous engagements during the Texas Revolution, it’s regarded as one of the most…

Ivar the Boneless: How a Disabled Viking Warrior Conquered England

Elisabeth Edwards
Alex Høgh Andersen as Ivar the Boneless in 'Vikings'

The story of Ivar the Boneless has been told for centuries, striking fear into the hearts of Viking children as elders regaled in his most…

Is General Winter Russia’s Greatest Wartime Ally?

Elisabeth Edwards
Artist's rendering of General Winter + German soldier standing in the snow

He’s been Russia’s ally for centuries, aiding in the defeat of some of the greatest armies in history. From Napoleon to the German Wehrmacht, “General…

Five of the Boldest Military Plans From History

Samantha Franco
Red Army soldiers positioned on top of a T-34

Depending on the strategies being implemented, military battles can go either very right or totally wrong. Some have gone down as the most remarkable in…

Six Authoritarian Countries Where Democracy Is Virtually Extinct

Soldier standing in full uniform + Parade occurring on the streets of North Korea

In 2006, The Economist published the first-ever Democracy Index, a system that measures the state of democracy in nations around the world. Ranking countries on…