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Charles Brown Never Received His MoH Because He Deserted Before It Was Presented

Samantha Franco
Charles Brown, Hugh Purvis and McLane Tilton standing in front of a captured Korean flag

During the 19th century, Korea was extremely isolationist. Before agreeing to the Japan-Korea Treaty of 1876, it didn’t have an interest in developing trade agreements…

Lost Cosmonauts: The Supposed Victims of the Soviet Union’s Space Endeavors

Samantha Franco
Space scene + Yuri Gagarin wearing a spacesuit

During the 1960s, rumors circulated that the Soviet Union had been sending people to space long before they announced their first successful launch. Experiments frequently…

Five Men Who Died At the Alamo

Rosemary Giles
Exterior of the chapel at the Alamo + Two male silhouettes with question marks over their faces

Not only was the Battle of the Alamo one of the most famous engagements during the Texas Revolution, it’s regarded as one of the most…

Ivar the Boneless: How a Disabled Viking Warrior Conquered England

Elisabeth Edwards
Alex Høgh Andersen as Ivar the Boneless in 'Vikings'

The story of Ivar the Boneless has been told for centuries, striking fear into the hearts of Viking children as elders regaled in his most…

Is General Winter Russia’s Greatest Wartime Ally?

Elisabeth Edwards
Artist's rendering of General Winter + German soldier standing in the snow

He’s been Russia’s ally for centuries, aiding in the defeat of some of the greatest armies in history. From Napoleon to the German Wehrmacht, “General…

Five of the Boldest Military Plans From History

Samantha Franco
Red Army soldiers positioned on top of a T-34

Depending on the strategies being implemented, military battles can go either very right or totally wrong. Some have gone down as the most remarkable in…

Battle of Saragarhi: 21 Sikhs vs. 10,000 Afghan Rebels

Samantha Franco
Sikh officers standing together in a makeshift camp

Between two British forts on the Samana Range stood a signaling outpost. It was operated by a small crew and became the target of a…

Dogs, Emus and Cows – Oh My! Ridiculous Wars Fought Throughout History

Elisabeth Edwards
Dog lying down outside + Close-up of an emu + Cow standing in mud

War has long been a costly approach to conflict, yet it remains a part of international politics and society. From the assassination of Franz Ferdinand…

Arthur Wellesley: The ‘Iron Duke’ Who Defeated Napoleon at Waterloo

Todd Neikirk
Military portrait of Arthur Wellesley

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, is seen by some to be a contentious figure in British history. A brilliant military leader who aided in…

Alexander Suvorov: The Russian Military Leader Who Erased Napoleon’s Gains In Italy

Samantha Franco
Portrait of Alexander Suvorov

Alexander Suvorov was a general of the Russian Army during the 18th century, leading his men through incredible victories and rising through the ranks. His…

Fyodor Ushakov: The Russian Naval Legend and Saint Who Never Lost a Battle

Todd Neikirk
Military portrait of Fyodor Ushakov

Naval power has long been a feature of the world’s most powerful militaries. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the Russians had an important advantage…

Prince Henry of Prussia Was Almost a Monarch of the United States

Todd Neikirk
Map of the United States + Portrait of Prince Henry of Prussia

When the United States was in its infancy, most countries were ruled by monarchs. There were some prominent people involved in the Revolutionary War that…