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Colditz Castle Was Turned Into a Prisoner of War Camp During the Second World War

Colditz Castle

Colditz Castle, located in the Saxony town of the same name, has a long history. Dating back to the Holy Roman Empire, it has been…

Time Capsule at Arlington National Cemetery Reveals Preserved Artifacts

Overhead view of the contents of the Memorial Amphitheater time capsule

In May 2020, archivists and historians at Arlington National Cemetery announced the debut of an online exhibit dedicated to the items found within a 105-year-old…

10 Photos of US Troops Displaying Enemy Flags Like Trophies

US soldiers walking in a line through tall grass + US Coast Guardsmen posing with a captured Japanese flag

The “loss” of a unit or army’s colors refers to the capture of a flag in battle or it being taken away as a form…

The History of Snake Island: From WWI to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Ukrainian flag flying on Snake Island

One of the most contentious places in Eastern Europe is Snake Island. Located 30 miles off the southern coast of Ukraine in the Black Sea,…

Why Did the US Army Attack the Lakota Sioux at Wounded Knee?

Painting of the Massacre at Wounded Knee

On December 29, 1890, soldiers with the US Army opened fire on hundreds of Lakota Sioux. The group of Native Americans was largely unarmed and…

The Last Stand of the Swiss Guard: A Deadly Fight to Defend Rome from Mercenaries

Todd Neikirk
Painting of the Sack of Rome

History is full of stories about outnumbered armies making brave stands against scores of foes. While the Swiss Guard often look ceremonial with their halberds…

How Did Bravo Zulu Come To Mean ‘Well Done?’

Madeline Hiltz

The military can be a rather thankless place. So when you do get a compliment, it should be celebrated. Arguably, the most famous form of…

Jimmy Carter Once Saved Canada From Nuclear Disaster

Todd Neikirk
Jimmy Carter at a press conference

Jimmy Carter was a one-term president, but he has long been lauded for his character and empathy. The 39th president of the United States, he…

Did the Term ‘Grunt’ Originate in Vietnam or During WWII?

Todd Neikirk
Infantrymen walking through a creek

For decades, infantry soldiers in the US Army and Marine Corps have been called “grunts,” wearing the moniker like a badge of honor. Grunts are…

Is Fort Hood The Most Dangerous Military Base In The United States?

Madeline Hiltz

Like everything in Texas, Fort Hood is huge. Today, Fort Hood is one of the largest military bases in the entire world. Located just outside…

Smedley Butler Had an Incredible Career in the US Marine Corps

Todd Neikirk
Smedley Butler sitting in a chair

Smedley Butler was born into privilege, but decided to fight for his country when he was just a teen. He became one of America’s most…

Things People Get Wrong About the Boston Tea Party

Todd Neikirk
Artist's depiction of the Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party is one of the most famous events in American history. However, it has become difficult to separate mythology from fact, like…