Todd Neikirk

Todd Neikirk is a New Jersey-based politics, entertainment and history writer. His work has been featured in,, and He enjoys sports, politics, comic books, and anything that has to do with history.

When he is not sitting in front of a laptop, Todd enjoys soaking up everything the Jersey Shore has to offer with his wife, two sons and American Foxhound, Wally.

Articles by Todd Neikirk:

Mars Bluff Incident: US Air Force Accidentally Dropped a Nuclear Bomb on South Carolina

Boeing B-47 Stratojets parked on a runway

Starting in the late 1940s and running through to the end of the Cold War, an arms race occurred between the United States and the…

The Integral Role Air Gunners Played During the First and Second World Wars

Walter R. Newbury sitting in the top turret of a Consolidated B-24 Liberator + Jesse Rhodes Waller aiming the .30-caliber machine gun of a Consolidate PBY Catalina

Aircraft made their combat debut during the Italo-Turkish War of 1911-12. Just a few years later, during the First World War, they appeared in much…

Arthur Wellesley: The ‘Iron Duke’ Who Defeated Napoleon at Waterloo

Military portrait of Arthur Wellesley

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, is seen by some to be a contentious figure in British history. A brilliant military leader who aided in…

The Allies Faced Many Difficult and Ingenious Beach Obstacles During WWII

Tank driving over Czech hedgehogs + Two soldiers squatting near Teller mines

The Second World War saw the implementation of a number of new weapons and devices. In particular, the Allied forces had to contend with many…

The Latest Model of the Leopard 2 Is Among the Most Strongly-Armored Tanks Ever Developed

Three Leopard 2A5s parked in a field

Technology advanced at an incredible rate in the 20th century, especially when it came to weapons and vehicles of war. As such, some tanks entered…

Fyodor Ushakov: The Russian Naval Legend and Saint Who Never Lost a Battle

Military portrait of Fyodor Ushakov

Naval power has long been a feature of the world’s most powerful militaries. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the Russians had an important advantage…

Prince Henry of Prussia Was Almost a Monarch of the United States

Map of the United States + Portrait of Prince Henry of Prussia

When the United States was in its infancy, most countries were ruled by monarchs. There were some prominent people involved in the Revolutionary War that…

South Korea’s K9 Thunder Is a Cutting-Edge Self-Propelled Howitzer

Row of K9 Thunders parked in front of a crowd

Following the Second World War, Korea split into two regions along the 38th Parallel. The North fell under the perview of the Soviet Union, while…

Little-Known Facts About Sgt. Elias’ Death in ‘Platoon’

Willem Dafoe as Sgt. Elias in 'Platoon'

Oliver Stone’s 1986 film Platoon is considered one of the greatest war films ever made. Stone served in the Vietnam War from 1967-68 and used…

Leopard I: Over 50 Years After Its Introduction, It Continues to Serve on the Battlefield

Greek soldier crouching atop a Leopard I

Tanks first appeared in combat during World War I at the Somme, one of the deadliest battles in history. The armored vehicles proved effective against…

Jock McLaren: The Soldier-Turned-Guerrilla Fighter Who Performed Major Surgery on Himself In the Jungle

Jock McLaren and others sitting in a boat

Throughout World War I and II, soldiers came from all backgrounds. Robert Kerr “Jock” McLaren was a veterinarian by trade, but during his service with…

Ernest Borgnine: The ‘McHale’s Navy’ Star’s Service During World War II

Ernest Borgnine as Lt. Cmdr. Quinton McHale in 'McHale's Navy'

Ernest Borgnine had an incredible acting career that spanned decades, with arguably his most notable role being Lt. Cmdr. Quinton McHale in the ABC sitcom,…