Secret supply of Nazi goods discovered


A secret supply of Nazi food and alcohol has been discovered underneath a restaurant in Germany.  The stockpile of World War Two goodies is thought to have actually been for Hitler.

Luxury war time items such as cognac, champagne, cheeses, meats, chocolate and cigarettes have all been located in cellars beneath a restaurant in Saxony, East Germany. At a time when everyone else in Europe was under rationing it is a stash of luxury goods that would have been worth a fortune during the war.

It is believed that the goods were stored in the cellars in order to protect them from Allied air bombing raids. The goods were discovered by Silvio Stezler, the owner of the restaurant. He says that his restaurant has a large complex network of cellars deep underneath the restaurants gardens, much of which remained un-explored for decades.

Silvio has even recovered large ledger books that showed stocktaking and information about what had been stored there. It recorded that Hitler’s staff and moved the goods there to protect them from bombing raids and to keep them away from Berlin.

It is quite well-known that Hitler wasn’t a big drinker, but the cognac and champagne would have been used for entertaining.

Gradually over time, the ledgers reveal that Hitler’s private staff had sent luxury items to the restaurant to be stored for safe keeping. It is ironic, since the rest of the German people were starving and living on minimal rations.

The restaurant is located in the grounds of an ancient villa complex within Moritzburg Castle. It was during renovation work that builders discovered the secret stash. The cellars are around six stories in depth, so discovering the luxury items was quite a coincidence, The Telegraph reports.

Silvio says that a large haul of goods was moved there towards the end of 1944. The move was coordinated by Hitler’s steward Kannegiesser. When Russian troops advanced across East Germany towards the end of the war, everything was looted. But Silvio says that the cognac and champagne survived.

Silvio has yet to decide what to do with the stash. On the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two many items of memorabilia are being sold off around the world, for example even a pair of Eva Braun’s underwear has gone on sale in the US.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE