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US Navy Releases Photos, Video of Chinese Warship Harassing American Destroyer In the Taiwan Strait

Clare Fitzgerald
Luyang III (DDG-132) transiting near the USS Chung-Hoon (DDG-93) in the Taiwan Strait

The US Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM) has released photos and video of a Chinese warship performing dangerous maneuvers near the USS Chung-Hoon (DDG-93) while the vessel…

The Tank Museum and American Heritage Museum Team Up for One-Of-a-Kind Tank Experience

Tiger 131 driving around a dirt track

The Tank Museum in Bovington, United Kingdom and the American Heritage Museum in Hudson, Massachusetts have teamed up to offer military historians and fanatics a…

Pentagon Bans Drag Shows On US Military Bases

Clare Fitzgerald
Entrance to Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada

The Department of Defense has announced drag shows will no longer be allowed to occur on US military bases, calling the events “not a suitable…

Leak Reveals Royal Air Force Told to ‘Stop Choosing Useless White Male Pilots’

Clare Fitzgerald
Mike Wigston standing in the middle of a group of Royal Air Force (RAF) airmen

The Royal Air Force (RAF) has suffered yet another email leak, with publications gaining access to correspondences that show the service advised recruitment officers to “stop…

Archaeologists Uncover Hoard of Coins Belonging to Fearsome Ancient Roman Legion

Roman legionnaires standing together

A team of Polish and Georgian archaeologists have unearthed a trove of ancient Roman coins in what was once the ancient city of Colchis, now…

Malaysia Accuses Chinese Barge of Looting World War II-Era Shipwrecks

Chinese barge Chuan Hong 68 anchored in the water

The Malaysian Maritime Agency has detained a Chinese barge it accuses of looting two British shipwrecks in the South China Sea. The accusations come after…

Russian Missile Struck Near NATO Training Facility in Poland, Found Months Later

Clare Fitzgerald
Aerial view of a Ukrainian missile strike in Przewodów, Poland

Western officials have concluded that a cruise missile launched during a December 2022 Russian barrage on Ukraine crossed into Poland and crashed 10 miles from…

‘Nobody Knows Action Like Arnold Schwarzenegger’ – Actor Named Netflix’s Chief Action Officer

Clare Fitzgerald
Arnold Schwarzenegger posing on a red carpet

If you’ve been online at all over the past week or so, you’ll likely have seen that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been named Netflix’s Chief Action…

WWII Veteran Fred Taylor Walks Across Graduation Stage 80 Years After Completing College Degree

Fred Taylor walking across the stage at Cornell College's 2023 graduation ceremony

It wasn’t uncommon for men across the United States to put their education on hold once the country entered the Second World War. Some opted…

Ray Stevenson, Star of ‘Rome’ and ‘Punisher: War Zone,’ Dead at 58

Clare Fitzgerald
Ray Stevenson posing for a photo

Ray Stevenson has passed away at the age of 58. The Northern Irish actor, known for starring in HBO/BBC’s Rome (2005-07), Punisher: War Zone (2008),…

Post-War Lithuanian Film ‘In the Dusk’ Making North American Premiere On Streaming Service

Clare Fitzgerald
Marius Povilas Elijas Martynenko as Untė in 'In the Dusk'

Following the Second World War, Partisan movements popped up across Eastern Europe to fight against the Soviet occupation. This included in Lithuania, where an estimated…

INTERVIEW: Director Steven Luke Talks New WWII Film, ‘Come Out Fighting’

Still from 'Come Out Fighting'

Filmmaker Steven Luke is no stranger to bringing World War II-era events to the big screen; over the course of his career, he’s teamed up…