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The Man Who Stopped the Club Q Assailant Is a Decorated US Army Veteran

Jared Polis shaking Rich Fierro's hand

The armed attack on Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado was yet another in a string of mass shootings to occur in the United States.…

Ukrainian Sniper Allegedly Takes Out Two Russian Soldiers with One Shot

Clare Fitzgerald
Ukrainian Marine firing a sniper rifle

The Special Operations Forces of Ukraine has released footage, which it claims shows a Ukrainian sniper not only hitting two Russian soldiers with one shot,…

Ukrainian Military Claims Sniper Took Out Russian Soldier from 1.68 Miles Away

Clare Fitzgerald
Ukrainian sniper aiming his rifle

Ukraine’s Office of Strategic Communications has released a video, which it claims shows a Ukrainian sniper taking out a Russian soldier from 1.68 miles away.…

Ukrainian Commandos Destroy Attack Helicopters At Russian Air Base

Clare Fitzgerald
Mangled parts from a Kamov Ka-52 strewn across the ground

Video has emerged showing what are believed to be Ukrainian commandos planting explosives on Russian attack helicopters, ultimately leading to their destruction. The footage, taken…

Biden: Strike on Polish Border Village Likely Caused By Ukrainian Air Defense Missile – Not Russia

Clare Fitzgerald
Two Polish police officers in a crater caused by a missile strike

UPDATE, 11/16/2022 – US President Joe Biden has revealed the supposed Russian missile strike that killed two individuals in eastern Poland was likely the result…

Veterans Call for Canada to Award First Victoria Cross Since World War II

Elisabeth Edwards

Veterans in Canada are calling on the federal government to recognize the bravest acts of heroism performed by soldiers during the War in Afghanistan by…

US Air Force, Kratos Successfully Conduct Test Flight of XQ-58A Valkyrie

Kratos XQ-58A Valkyrie dropping an Area-I Altius-600

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and Kratos Defense & Security Solutions have completed yet another successful test flight of the XQ-58A Valkyrie at Yuma…

Six Dead In Dallas Air Show Crash Involving Two WWII-Era Aircraft

Douglas B-17G Flying Fortress in flight + Bell P-63 Kingcobra parked on the runway

Tragedy struck the Wings Over Dallas air show on November 12, 2022 when two World War II-era aircraft crashed mid-air. As of publishing, six are…

Pentagon Claims Russian Military Has ‘Probably Lost Half of Their Main Battle Tanks’

Clare Fitzgerald
Ukrainian soldier walking by a damaged Russian tank

Over eight months since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, the US Department of Defense has released a statement, saying the Russian forces have not…

The Story Behind Netflix’s Fort Hood Documentary, ‘I Am Vanessa Guillén’

American flag blowing in the wind + US Army portrait of Vanessa Guillén

The murder of Vanessa Guillén at Fort Hood (now Fort Cavazos), Texas sent shockwaves across the United States. The US Army soldier went missing after…

Poland Dismantles Four Soviet-Era Monuments

Clare Fitzgerald
Soviet-era monument in Glubczyce, Poland

Four Soviet-era monuments have been dismantled in Poland, in both condemnation of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and to remove symbols of the USSR’s…

Over 500 UAVs Delivered to Ukraine Since Mark Hamill Began Work with ‘Army of Drones’

Clare Fitzgerald
Mark Hamill standing on a red carpet + Volodymyr Zelenskyy wearing military fatigues

While he’s best known for portraying Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars series, Mark Hamill has recently taken on another role: ambassador for the Army…