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The Worst Position to Hold in WWII Was as the Ball Turret Gunner

Gunner sitting in the entrance to a ball turret

There were plenty of positions during World War II that put a serviceman’s life at risk. Arguably one of the worst was as a ball…

The Mark 14 Torpedo Scandal of 1941-43

Mark 14 torpedo on display + Military portrait of Rear Admiral Charles A. Lockwood Jr.

The Mark 14 Torpedo Scandal occurred during the period of 1941-43, with problems related to the weapon dating back almost 25 years. It was among…

Atomic Annie: The Cold War-Era Cannon Capable of Firing a Nuclear Warhead

Mushroom cloud + M65 atomic cannon parked on grass

Toward the start of the Cold War, the United States government looked into developing atomic weapons capable of launching an attack on the Soviet Union,…