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Switchblade 300: The Drone-Like Vehicle Viewed as a Direct Fire Weapon

Cpl. Graham Rouse firing a Switchblade 300 + Switchblade 300 in flight

The Switchblade 300 is a small, loitering unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used by branches of the US military. Classified more as a direct fire munition…

This Marine General’s Sword Somehow Wound Up In A Pawnshop

Military portrait of Homer Litzenberg

Various types of items can be purchased on eBay, with some auctions bringing in thousands of dollars. When Marine veteran Chris Anderson logged onto the…

The Future, Today – Why Lasers Are the Next Big Thing for the US Army

US Army soldier manning an M-SHORAD Stryker light armored vehicle

Lasers, a technology that’s been the focus of sci-fi gadgetry for years, should soon be making their way into the hands of US Army troops…