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South Korea’s K9 Thunder Is a Cutting-Edge Self-Propelled Howitzer

Todd Neikirk
Row of K9 Thunders parked in front of a crowd

Following the Second World War, Korea split into two regions along the 38th Parallel. The North fell under the perview of the Soviet Union, while…

Makarov: The Low-Budget and Reliable Soviet Pistol That’s Stood the Test of Time

Todd Neikirk
Makarov pistol and bullets placed upon a camouflage sheet

Not long after World War II came to an end, the United States and the USSR entered into a Cold War. As a result, both…

Desert Eagle: The Handgun Loved By Hunters and Hollywood Studios

Todd Neikirk
Two gold-plated Desert Eagles on display

The Desert Eagle is one of the most well-known firearms on the market today. While not intended for use on the battlefield, the weapon has…

Nambu Pistol: The Japanese WWII-Era Weapon That Heavily Featured in the Pacific

Todd Neikirk
Nambu pistol against a white backdrop

In the early 20th century, Japan was eager to improve its military. The country had high hopes of becoming a world power and, in order…

Germany Hoped the Krummlauf Would Change the Outcome of WWII – It Didn’t

US soldier holding an M3 with a curved barrel

The curved bullet scene in Wanted (2008) wasn’t the first time the concept of having a bullet travel around corners was thought up. In fact, during…

HK433 Rifle: The Frankenstein Gun That Is Taking the World by Storm

Side by side images of the HK433 and the G36

German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch took a unique approach when designing one of their most renowned rifles. The G36 was devised in the 1990s…

The Mosin-Nagant Has Seen Over a Century of Service

Todd Neikirk
Lyudmila Pavlichenko aiming a Mosin-Nagant

Firearms saw tremendous advancements throughout the 20th century. One, however, distinguished itself above the rest and has remained in service for well over 100 years.…

LRAC-50 73 mm Bazooka: The Incredibly Effective French Anti-Tank Weapon

Todd Neikirk
Soldier aiming an LRAC-50 73 mm bazooka while another loads a rocket into it

Tank battles were incredibly common during World War I and II. The Germans were equipped with impressive armored fighting vehicles that were effective on the…

Why is Russia Using the Soviet-Era KS-19 Anti-Aircraft Gun in Ukraine?

KS-19s lined up in front of a building

Recently, Russian forces have been spotted using KS-19 anti-aircraft guns during the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War. The Soviet-era artillery piece is without a doubt powerful enough…

M61 Vulcan: A Modern Take on the Civil War-Era Gatling Gun

Todd Neikirk
M61 Vulcan on display outside

There has long been a competition between countries over who can produce the best fighter jets. This was particularly fierce with the United States and…

The Sabot Round Pierces Tanks and Liquifies Its Targets

Samantha Franco
Soldier placing a sabot round on the ground, beside a number of others

The sabot round is a form of ammunition used by tanks for armored warfare. The non-explosive anti-tank round surrounds a projectile and allows it to…

Bren Light Machine Gun: The British Weapon That Featured Heavily in North Africa

Todd Neikirk
British soldier aiming a Bren light machine gun

The early 20th century featured both massive wars and rapid advances in technology. Among the most prominent and effective weapons to emerge during this time…