Kremlin Puts Captured American Tanks and Other Western Military Equipment on Display

Photo Credit: Ali Cura / Anadolu / Getty Images
Photo Credit: Ali Cura / Anadolu / Getty Images

Russia has opened a new military exhibition in Moscow – and it’s not centered around the country’s own equipment. Organized by the Russian Defense Ministry, the show features a collection of tanks, armored vehicles and other weaponry that was provided to Ukraine by the West and subsequently captured, the majority during the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Military weapons lined up in a row outside
Photo Credit: Ali Cura / Anadolu / Getty Images

The exhibition, which is on display at Victory Park, features equipment from several countries: the United States, France, Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Australia, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, South Africa, Turkey and Sweden. Notably, South Africa has not donated equipment to Ukraine during the ongoing conflict.

Touted as a celebration of Russia’s success “against Ukrainian militants and their Western supporters,” the show features over 30 vehicles, including a French AMX-10 RC; an American M1 Abrams and Bradley Fighting Vehicle; a British Saxon; a Swedish Combat Vehicle (CV) 90; and a German Marder and Leopard 2, the latter of which is alleged to have suffered damage to its right track after encountering an anti-tank mine during an engagement near Berdychi, Ukraine.

Along with these, it also includes various firearms and military documents.

Lines of people walking past military vehicles
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Speaking about the exhibition, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov is reported as saying, “The exhibition of trophy equipment will attract great interest from Moscow residents, guests of our city, and all residents of the country. We should all see the enemy’s battered equipment.”

Maria Zakharova, a spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, added that foreign diplomats should visit the exhibition, to witness how “the West destroys peace on the planet. This exhibition will be interesting to all those who still believe in mythical ‘Western values’ or fail to notice an aggression unleashed by NATO against Russia and our people.”

Armored vehicles and tanks lined up in a row outside
Photo Credit: Contributor / Getty Images

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The exhibition is slated to run for a month at Victory Park, an open-air museum on Poklonnaya Hill that’s dedicated to commemorating the Axis Powers’ defeat in the Second World War.

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