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Hoard of American Civil War-Era Coins Worth $2 Million Discovered In Kentucky Corn Field

Close-up of a corn field

A discovery dating back to the mid-1800s has been made in rural Kentucky. A man, who’s chosen to remain anonymous, has unearthed a hoard of…

The Real-Life History Behind the British Television Series, ‘Sharpe’

Sean Bean as Richard Sharpe in 'Sharpe's Challenge'

The television series Sharpe (1993-2008) captivated audiences with its portrayal of the Napoleonic Wars. The show skillfully weaves a fictional narrative into historical events with…

Retired Soldiers ‘Strenuously Object’ to Removal of Confederate Names from National Ranger Memorial

75th Ranger Regiment personnel standing in front of the National Ranger Memorial

Over 100 retired US Army Rangers have signed a letter to Congress, in which they “strenuously object to the defacement and desecration of the National…

Sherman’s Neckties: The Ingenious Union Tactic That Immobilized the Confederates

Sherman's Necktie laid out on the grass + Military portrait of William Tecumseh Sherman

Sherman’s Neckties – also known as Sherman’s Bowties, Jeff Davis’s Neckties and Sherman’s Hairpins – were railway destruction tactics used by the Union Army during…

Apple TV+ Premiere Date Revealed for Ridley Scott Historical Drama ‘Napoleon’

Vanessa Kirby and Joaquin Phoenix as Empress Joséphine and Napoleon Bonaparte in 'Napoleon'

The historical drama, Napoleon, from the mind of Ridley Scott, has officially been given a release date on the streaming platform, Apple TV+. The film,…

The Second Battle of Fort Wagner Proved the 54th Infantry Regiment Had the Chops

Still from 'Glory'

The 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment proved their bravery and courage in fighting against Confederate forces at Fort Wagner.

The Subtle Philosophy Behind Staircases In Medieval Castles

Samantha Franco
Individual biking away from a medieval castle + View of a spiral staircase in a medieval castle

Castles were a common architectural structure throughout the medieval period, and they were constantly under attack. Just looking at them, one could describe these fortifications…

The True Story Behind ‘Medieval’ and Legendary Bohemian Commander Jan Žižka

Rosemary Giles
Still from 'Medieval'

The 2022 film, Medieval, the most expensive Czech movie ever made at $23 million USD, tells the tale of Jan Žižka, the famed Bohemian commander who…

Discover the Civil War-Era Military Facility Located Beneath Alcatraz

Aerial view of Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island, located in San Francisco Bay, is best known for housing Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary. While the prison is what makes the area famous, its…

6-Star General: Only Three Individuals Have Been Promoted to the Prestigious Rank

Military portrait of Ulysses S. Grant + Military portrait of John J. Pershing + Military portrait of George Washington

The rank of 6-star general is so high in the US military’s hierarchy that it’s only ever been given out three times. One recipient was…

Judge Rules That Removal of Confederate Monument at Arlington National Cemetery Can Continue

Frontal view of the Confederate monument at Arlington National Cemtery

Update – 12/20/2023: US District Court Judge Rossie Alston of the Eastern District of Virginia has ruled that the removal of the Confederate monument at…

Long-Lost Burial Site of Harald Bluetooth, Legendary Christian King of Vikings, Found in Polish Village

Map of Europe + Drawing of Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson + Stone with red writing

The burial site for the Viking king whose name inspired that of modern Bluetooth wireless technology has likely been uncovered in the Polish village of…