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Retired ‘Lancelot’ B-1B Lancer Being Returned to Active Service

Rockwell B-1B Lancer 'Lancelot' taxiing down a runway at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma

The US Air Force has made the decision to reactivate a Rockwell B-1B Lancer it put into storage three years ago. The strategic bomber, nicknamed…

Memorial Erected In Honor of American Troops Who Died In D-Day Rehearsal Exercise

Crowd gathered around the Exercise Tiger memorial

Nearly 80 years after the disastrous rehearsal for the D-Day landings, a memorial has been erected in honor of the 110 American servicemen who perished…

The Russian Army Launched Its Largest Tank Assault of the Russo-Ukrainian War – and Got Annihilated

Clare Fitzgerald
Aerial view of Russian tanks and BMPs being attacked while driving down a road

Over the weekend of March 30-31, 2024, the Russian Army launched its largest tank assault of the Russo-Ukrainian War. With a force of 48 tanks…

Last Surviving Crew Member of the USS Arizona (BB-39) Dead At 102

Lou Conter standing in front of the Arizona Remembrance Wall

The last survivor of the sinking of the USS Arizona (BB-39) on December 7, 1941, has died. Lou Conter, 102, was a US Navy sailor…

Northrop Grumman RQ-180: The US Air Force’s ISR Aircraft That’s Shrouded In Secrecy

Artist's rendering of the RQ-180

When it comes to aerial reconnaissance and surveillance, the Northrop Grumman RQ-180 holds a unique position. Developed in secrecy following the retirement of the Lockheed…

‘Female Schindler’ Diana Budisavljević Saved 7,700 Children During World War II

Portrait of Diana Budisavljecić

Throughout the Second World War, several individuals risked their lives to save those being persecuted by the German regime. The most notable names are Oskar…

Ukraine Strikes Landing Ship Stolen By Russia During 2014 Annexation of Crimea

Konstantin Olshansky at sea

Ukraine is celebrating a minor victory after the country’s military struck several Russian Navy vessels in a recent attack. Among the ships to suffer damage…

B2 Windshield Treehouse: Man Buys All Excess B-2 Spirit Windshields to Build Daughter a Treehouse

Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit in flight

The Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit is among the most advanced aircraft ever developed. Designed to blend stealth with strength, it’s capable of performing tasks other…

Wreck of British Warship Sunk in the 18th Century Identified Off the Coast of Florida

Diver swimming over a coral-covered cannon from the HMS Tyger

Archaeologists with the National Park Service (NPS) have identified the wreck of a centuries-old British warship that was found off the coast of the Florida…

The History Behind America’s Iconic ‘Uncle Sam, I Want You’ Recruitment Poster

June Steele
Image of Uncle Sam painted on a brick wall

The iconic phrase, “Uncle Sam, I Want You,” has become a part of American culture, symbolizing a call to duty and patriotism. This iconic image,…

The Ingenious Reason Farmers Painted Stripes On Their Cows During the Blitz

Woman painting white stripes on her cow during the Blitz

While facing the Blitz during World War II, British farmers resorted to an unusual and creative tactic to protect their livestock and the public from…

FBI Repatriates Items Taken From Okinawa During the Second World War

Clare Fitzgerald
Ceramic turtle placed on a table with a measuring device

The FBI, with help from the Smithsonian Institution and the Department of Defense, has returned several artifacts to Japan after they were discovered in the…