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Ajax to Make Public Running Debut At TANKFEST 2024

Ajax armored fighting vehicle (AFV) on a dirt course

The Tank Museum has announced the Ajax will be making its public running debut at TANKFEST 2024. Developed by General Dynamics UK for the British…

US Air Force Orders New $13 Billion ‘Doomsday Plane’

Doomsday plane parked on the runway with other aircraft

The US Air Force has given Sierra Nevada a $13 billion contract to develop a new “Doomsday plane” – essentially, a successor to the Boeing…

Newly-Released Photos Show Manta Ray Underwater Drone Undergoing In-Water Testing

Manta Ray UUV moving through the water

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has released the first images of the Northrop Grumman-developed Manta Ray drone, an uncrewed underwater vehicle (UUV) currently…

Kremlin Puts Captured American Tanks and Other Western Military Equipment on Display

Clare Fitzgerald
Military tanks lined up in a row outside

Russia has opened a new military exhibition in Moscow – and it’s not centered around the country’s own equipment. Organized by the Russian Defense Ministry,…

Neville Brand Received the Silver Star for Single-Handedly Taking on Enemy Troops Armed With Machine Guns

Neville Brand and John Wayne as Lightfoot and J.D. Cahill in 'Cahill U.S. Marshal' + Portrait of Neville Brand

When looking back at the stars who dominated the silver screen during the 1950s and ’60s, you’ll find that the majority served in some capacity…

Archaeologists Uncover Origins of 1,000-Year-Old ‘Excálibur’ Sword Unearthed in Spain

Spanish "Excálibur" sword being measured on a white table

Archaeologists in Valencia, Spain, have revealed new details about the region’s very own Excálibur sword, with recent research and examination dating it back over 1,000…

Record-Breaking 4,500 Visitors Attend Tiger Day Spring 2024

Clare Fitzgerald
Tiger 131 driving along a dirt track

The Tank Museum is celebrating after Tiger Day Spring 2024 brought in record-breaking attendance. The event, which occurs twice a year, saw an impressive 4,500…

Medieval-Era Shipwreck Offers New Insight Into the ‘Military Revolution At Sea’

Two divers swimming over the wreck of Gribshunden

A recent investigation into the wreck of the famed Danish flagship Gribshunden/Griffin has provided new and interesting insight into the evolution of naval warfare during…

Folding the American Flag: What Does a Folded Flag Mean and Why Is It Folded Into a Triangle?

Clare Fitzgerald
US Army soldiers folding the American flag into a triangle

If you’ve ever attended a military funeral or a ceremony on Memorial Day, odds are you’ve watched guards come together to fold the American flag.…

French Cavalrymen Captured the Dutch Fleet in One of the Weirdest ‘Battles’ in Military History

AI rendering of French cavalrymen on horseback crossing the ice toward a fleet of Dutch warships

There have been many strange occurrences throughout military history, but none were as unusual as the Battle of Texel. Taking place in the waters off…

Jimmy Buffett Anonymously Donated Two WWII-Era Aircraft to a Museum Before His Death

Jimmy Buffett standing in aviation gear

Jimmy Buffett’s passing on September 1, 2023 was a shock to music fans across the world. The “Margaritaville” singer’s death was attributed to an aggressive…

Princess Mary Crowdfunded Personalized Gifts for Soldiers Serving On the Western Front

Princess Mary Gift Fund box open, with its contents showing + Portrait of Princess Mary in military uniform

During World War I, then-17-year-old Princess Mary began a mission to bring a glimmer of hope and joy to those fighting on the Western Front.…