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Whitey Bulger: Air Force Service Member Turned Organized Crime Boss

Todd Neikirk
Whitey Bulger in a bathrobe + Whitey Bulger mugshot

The 1900s was the century of mobsters in America, and few are more well-known than James “Whitey” Bulger. The leader of the notorious Winter Hill…

The History of Fragging in the US Military

US soldiers crossing a stream

Leading a group of soldiers during wartime is a massive responsibility, and the decisions made can often mean the difference between life and death for…

Lt. Col. Justin Constantine Dedicated His Life to Helping Fellow Veterans

Justin Constantine speaking at a press conference

On May 5, 2022, Lt. Col. Justin Constantine passed away after a brave and courageous battle with cancer. As Americans continue to mourn the loss…

Five of the Most Realistic Representations of War in Hollywood

Todd Neikirk
Willem Dafoe as Sgt. Elias in 'Platoon' + James D'Arcy and Kenneth Branagh as Col. Winnant and Cmdr. Bolton in 'Dunkirk'

War films have always seen a high degree of popularity, even while undergoing dramatic changes over the decades. In the early days of cinema –…

The M1 Helmet Both Protected and Posed a Risk to Soldiers on the Front

Soldier charging forward with his weapon

Helmets were first introduced to American soldiers in 1917, as a way of protecting servicemen from suffering head trauma while fighting in Europe. One of the…

Lt. Gen. Larry Jordan on His Military Career and the Service of African-Americans in WWI

Military portrait of Lt. Gen. Larry Jordan

The US military has a long and complicated history when it comes to the treatment of minorities within its ranks. While things have certainly improved,…

Leading the Way: The Greatest Military Leaders in Historical War Movies

Todd Neikirk
Willem Dafoe as Sgt. Elias in 'Platoon' + Alec Guinness as Col. Nicholson in 'The Bridge on the River Kwai' + Tom Hanks as Capt. John Miller in 'Saving Private Ryan'

There are few things more important in the military than leadership. Oftentimes, the quality of a unit’s leader(s) can be the difference between victory and…

Video Captures Touching Moment Between Grandfather and Higher-Ranking Granddaughter

Staff Sgt. James Williams saluting 2nd Lt. Charlotte Williams

For many American families, serving in the military is something that gets passed down from generation to generation. In some instances, the younger generation surpasses…

Elvis Presley’s Service in the US Army Helped His Popularity Skyrocket

Jesse Beckett
Elvis Presley sitting in his US Army uniform

A number of Hollywood’s biggest stars were drafted into the US Army during the middle part of the 20th century. This includes the King of…

MoH Recipient Christopher Celiz Gave His Life to Save an Injured Comrade

Clare Fitzgerald
American flag + Portrait of Christopher Celiz + Medal of Honor

Sergeant First Class Christopher Celiz was a soldier’s soldier. While serving in Afghanistan, he gave his life to protect an injured comrade and the crew…

Before Becoming An Actor, Adam Driver Served In the US Marine Corps

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker'

There are many actors who have put the call to serve their country before their acting careers. This was most notable during the Second World…

The Sun Perfectly Shines Through This Memorial on Veterans Day

Clare Fitzgerald
Side view of the Anthem Veterans Memorial

At precisely 11:11 A.M. MST each Veterans Day, the sun shines through a veterans memorial in Anthem, Arizona. The monument is dedicated to those who…