Clare Fitzgerald

Clare Fitzgerald is a Writer and Editor with eight years of experience in the online content sphere. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from King’s University College at Western University, her portfolio includes coverage of digital media, current affairs, history and true crime.

Among her accomplishments are being the Founder of the true crime blog, Stories of the Unsolved, which garners between 400,000 and 500,000 views annually, and a contributor for John Lordan’s Seriously Mysterious podcast. Prior to its hiatus, she also served as the Head of Content for UK YouTube publication, TenEighty Magazine.

In her spare time, Clare likes to play Pokemon GO and re-watch Heartland over and over (and over) again. She’ll also rave about her three Maltese dogs whenever she gets the chance.

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Articles by Clare Fitzgerald:

5 Military Events That Prove Friday The 13th Is Incredibly Unlucky

King George VI and Elizabeth the Queen Mother during the London Blitz + downed Swedish plane in the ocean

Friday the 13th is considered one of the unluckiest days of the year. While many feel it’s just people being overly superstitious, others believe there’s…

VA Launching Service Dog Program For Veterans With PTSD

Man standing behind a service dog

The U.S. Senate has passed legislation requiring the Department of Veterans Affairs to introduce a program to measure the effectiveness of service dogs on veterans…

Operation Olive: The Allied Attempt To Break Through The Gothic Line

Two men carrying munitions + smoke emanating from a ground attack

The final years of the Second World War saw Germany fighting a defensive battle against the Allies. Germany had been pushed out of Africa and…

The Saint-Chamond: The WWI Tank That’s No Longer Considered A Tank

Saint-Chamond driving down the street + the tank on the battlefield

Tank warfare was introduced during the First World War. The British began development in 1915, and when the war broke out, more countries began to…

U.S. Marine Commander Present At Iwo Jima Dies At 102

The family of Colonel Dave Severance has announced the death of the Marine veteran at the age of 102. His death on August 2nd at…

Sentence Handed Down After Panther Tank Removed From Pensioner’s Basement

Front view of the Panther tank

A German court has handed down its sentence in the case of an 84-year-old pensioner who was found to have a host of military memorabilia…

The All-Female Civilian Organization That Provided Air Defense For Hawaii

Four WARDs and a male co-worker around a table

The Women’s Air Raid Defense (WARD) was a civilian organization working alongside the U.S. military to protect the Hawaiian Islands from Japanese air attacks during…

Hill 400 And Hürtgen Forest: The Longest Battle Fought On German Soil During WWII

German soldiers setting off an infantry gun in the forest + American infantrymen walking beside a stream

The Battle of Hürtgen Forest for Hill 400 is often overlooked due to its proximity to the Battle of the Bulge. A German stronghold, it…

Last Surviving Member Of Britain’s Force Benedict Mission Dies At 101

Military portrait of Eric Carter + grounded Hawker Hurricane

Former Royal Air Force pilot Eric Carter has died at the age of 101. Carter was part of the top-secret Force Benedict mission in Russia,…

Konstanz: The German City That Tricked the Allies Into Thinking It Was Part of Switzerland

View of Konstanz from the water + Rubble strewn across a city

Air raids were a common occurrence during World War II. Cities across Europe were subjected to nighttime bombings aimed at throwing their military forces off…

Air Force Puts Retirement Plan On Hold After Congress Rejects Cuts To Older Aircraft

An A-10 Thunderbolt II in the air with the wing of a KC-135 in the foreground

The United States Air Force has announced it has put its plans to move and retire a portion of its oldest aircraft on hold after…

Cats Served As Mascots, Pest Control…Oh, And Gas Detectors

British soldier with a cat in the trenches

In recent years, cats have been subjected to immense online fame. Users can’t get enough of their adorable faces and their “toe beans” — and…