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A Farewell Flypast Of The Dutch PBY-5A Catalina

Hans Wiesman

May 29th, 2019, It was an exciting event but for many Catalina Aficionados in Holland also a sad day, as their beloved PBY-5A made its…

Battle of Britain Hero Passes Away Hours After 100th Birthday

Ian Harvey

Archie McInnes was one of the last remaining veterans who fought for the UK in the Battle of Britain. He passed away on July 31,…

Searchers Find Lost Bow of WWII Submarine Near Aleutian Islands

Ian Harvey

The Lost 52 Project announced that it had located part the USS Grunion (SS 216), a US submarine that was lost during World War II.…

Greece Demands $313 Billion from Germany in War Compensation

Ian Harvey

Left-wing politicians in Greece are pushing for Germany to pay reparations for the damages it caused during World War II. The parliamentary committee has called…

Submarines Vanish From The Seabed & They Contained Remains of 77 Crew Members

Ian Harvey

The sea has often hidden the wrecks of many wartime planes, ships and submarines after they were attacked and sank during battle. Some still lay…

WW1 Gun Handed To Police in Firearms Surrender Campaign

Ian Harvey

Sometimes, we just need more space, and a good bout of tidying up facilitates that. Whatever one’s motivation, clearing out spaces like basements, attics and…

New British Prime Minister Announces First Ever Office of Veterans’ Affairs

Ian Harvey

Now that Boris Johnson has assumed the mantle of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, he is wasting no time in working on his priorities.…

Radiation Levels Higher in Marshall Islands Than in Chernobyl

Ian Harvey
plane wreck

The Marshall Islands are a chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean that lie between Hawaii and the Philippines. They contain the Bikini and Enewetak…

Spielberg called it “hugely ambitious,” ‘1917’ Movie Trailer is Finally Out


Titled “1917”, it’s the first production of Sam Mendes since Skyfall and Spectre. The movie will be set in times of the Great War and…

New Capture Story for World’s most Famous Tank: Tiger 131

The Tank Museum
Tiger Tank Museum

The Tank Museum has released a new video detailing how astonishing evidence came to light and changed the long accepted story of the world’s most…

The $12 Billion Aircraft Carrier USS John F Kennedy Gets Its Flight Deck

Ian Harvey

The USS John F Kennedy is the second Gerald R Ford-Class aircraft carrier currently under construction for the US Navy and is due to be…

French Submarine Found After Going Missing Over 50 Years Ago

Ian Harvey

Over fifty years ago, the French submarine La Minerve disappeared with 52 crew members onboard. After all this time, they finally found it again. In…