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Mom Left Speechless After Learning Truth About Veteran Son’s Gravesite

Samantha Franco
Gravestones adorned with the American flag

After their son, US Air Force Staff Sgt. Joseph Villasenor, died in a car accident, Rachel and Raymond Villasenor were shocked when they noticed something…

Queen Elizabeth II Met with a Number of World Leaders During Her Reign

Mikhail Gorbachev standing with Queen Elizabeth II + Ronald Reagan standing with Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II reigned over the United Kingdom and British Commonwealth for just over 70 years, and during that time she met with a number…

US Marine Corps Aviator William Rankin Survived a Fall from a Thunder Cloud

Todd Neikirk
Streak of lightning moving through clouds + Vought F-8A Crusader in flight

In times of crisis, pilots may have to parachute out of their aircraft due to damage or mechanical failure. For the most part, these descents…

Pairing Female Engagement Teams with Infantry Forever Changed the US Military

Group of women serving in the US Marine Corps' Female Engagement Teams

Being a female in the US military, which historically has been largely made up of males, continues to be a struggle for equal treatment and…

May 15 Incident: When Japan Tried to Spark a War Using Charlie Chaplin

Two Japanese newspaper clippings + Portrait of Charlie Chaplin

On May 15, 1932, the world was almost plunged into an unexpected war. The Imperial Japanese Navy had organized a coup d’état through a series…

GIGN: The Elite French Force Charged with Counter-Terrorism and Hostage Rescue

Rosemary Giles
Four GIGN members in full tactical gear

The Groupe d intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale (GIGN) – National Gendarmerie Intervention Group in English – is an elite French tactical unit that was…

Special Forces Veteran Ryan Hendrickson Is Clearing Land Mines for Ukrainian Farmers

Rosemary Giles
Three men in camouflage clearing land mines from a field

Since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, land mines have been laid by Russians soldiers, leading to a high number of civilian casualties. They’ve…

Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry Faced Death Twice While In the US Army Air Forces

Todd Neikirk
Gene Roddenberry sitting in a chair

Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek: The Original Series (1966-69) remains enormously popular and influential; critics still point to the creator’s forward-thinking views on race and human…

Lance Corporal: The ‘Greatest’ Rank in the US Marine Corps

US Marines lifting themselves over a rope + Lance corporal chevron used by the US Marine Corps

When it comes to toughness, strength and skill, the US Marine Corps is regarded as the most intense and high-achieving branch of the US military.…

The Douglas A-1 Skyraider: The Best Attack Plane Ever Made

Douglas A-1H Skyraider of the 602nd Special Operations Squadron over Vietnam, June 1970.

The Douglas A-1 Skyraider was not only an integral aircraft used following WWII, but it was also a deadly weapon capable of eviscerating the enemy…

Five Bloodless Wars That Have Been Fought Throughout History

Todd Neikirk
Aerial view of four Brazilian Navy ships at sea

Written by Todd Neikirk and Clare Fitzgerald. Wars have been fought pretty much since the beginning of time, and they have a brutal effect on…

Abu Tahsin al-Salhi: The “Sheikh of Snipers” Who Killed 384 ISIS Fighters

Abu Tahsin al-Salhi resting his rifle on his shoulder

There was once an Iraqi soldier who was an inspiration to his comrades for his endurance and dedication to defending his country. He killed a…