Samantha Franco

Samantha Franco is a Freelance Content Writer who received her Bachelor of Arts degree in history from the University of Guelph, and her Master of Arts degree in history from the University of Western Ontario. Her research focused on Victorian, medical, and epidemiological history with a focus on childhood diseases. Stepping away from her academic career, Samantha previously worked as a Heritage Researcher and now writes content for multiple sites covering an array of historical topics.

In her spare time, Samantha enjoys reading, knitting, and hanging out with her dog, Chowder!

Articles by Samantha Franco:

Three Aircraft Defended Malta from the Entire Italian Air Force

Side profile of a grounded Gloster Gladiator

When Italy joined the Second World War, the island of Malta found itself immediately under attack. The only defenses available were three Gloster Sea Gladiators…

Billy Waugh Couldn’t Walk Away From the US Military, Not Even After Being Shot In the Head

Billy Waugh sitting on a couch

Billy Waugh had a long military career, during which he honorably served. His commitment earned him many awards, including the Silver Star, four Bronze Stars,…

Kim Campbell: One of the Few US Air Force Pilots to Manually Land An A-10

Bullet-ridden Republic Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II + Distinguished Flying Cross + Kim Campbell in her US Air Force uniform

Kim Campbell is an US Air Force pilot who performed an incredible manual flight and landing in Afghanistan when her Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II…

77 Years After His Deployment, Couple Gets Their Dream Wedding Photos

Royce and Frankie King kissing under a veiled arch

The Second World War prevented Royce and Frankie King from having the wedding of their dreams. Nearly 80 years later, they were given the opportunity…

Tim Abell Brings His Experience as an Army Ranger to His Acting Career

Tim Abell posing for a photo on a red carpet

Tim Abell is a former US Army Ranger who served for four years before becoming a Hollywood actor. Throughout his move into acting, he’s been…

The Sabot Round Pierces Tanks and Liquifies Its Targets

Soldier placing a sabot round on the ground, beside a number of others

The sabot round is a form of ammunition used by tanks for armored warfare. The non-explosive anti-tank round surrounds a projectile and allows it to…

6-Star General: Only Three Individuals Have Been Promoted to the Prestigious Rank

Military portrait of Ulysses S. Grant + Military portrait of John J. Pershing + Military portrait of George Washington

The rank of 6-star general is so high in the US military’s hierarchy that it’s only ever been given out three times. One recipient was…

S-Mine: Nicknamed ‘Bouncing Betty,’ It Struck Fear Into Allied Soldiers

Soldier searching for landmines

The S-mine, originally named the Schrapnellmine, was a German bounding mine used extensively by Wehrmacht troops throughout the Second World War. When detonated, it thrust…

The USS Forrestal (CV-59) Disaster Forever Changed the Way US Navy Sailors Learn Damage Control

Firefighters trying to stop a fire on the deck of the USS Forrestal (CV-59)

The USS Forrestal (CV-59) served the US Navy for nearly four decades. During that time, she saw her fair share of combat, but no amount of…

USS Nevada (BB-36): The Battleship That Survived Pearl Harbor and An Atomic Bomb

USS Nevada (BB-36) at sea

The USS Nevada (BB-36) was the first of a class of two 27,500-ton battleships launched in 1914, rendering all first-generation vessels obsolete. She had a remarkable…

Al Schmid: The US Marine Who Continued to Man His Machine Gun After Taking a Grenade to the Face

US Marines manning a 75 mm Pack Howitzer M1 + Al Schmid being presented with the Navy Cross

Al Schmid, an apprentice steel burner, enlisted in the US Marine Corps after hearing about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Once on the battlefield,…

Swiss K31 Rifle: This Straight Pull, Bolt Action Rifle From WW2 Is Now a Popular Collector’s Item

Swiss K31 rifles lined up against a wall

The Schmidt-Rubin Karabiner Modell 1931, better known as the Swiss K31 rifle, was the standard-issue firearm for the Swiss Armed Forces for decades. Widely considered…