Rosemary Giles

Rosemary Giles is a history content writer with Hive Media. She received both her bachelor of arts degree in history, and her master of arts degree in history from Western University. Her research focused on military, environmental, and Canadian history with a specific focus on the Second World War. As a student, she worked in a variety of research positions, including as an archivist. She also worked as a teaching assistant in the History Department.

Since completing her degrees, she has decided to take a step back from academia to focus her career on writing and sharing history in a more accessible way. With a passion for historical learning and historical education, her writing interests include social history, and war history, especially researching obscure facts about the Second World War. In her spare time, Rosemary enjoys spending time with her partner, her cats, and her horse, or sitting down to read a good book.

Articles by Rosemary Giles:

Even Children Were Thrilled Following the US’ Entry Into WWI

Young girl grabbing the hand of an American soldier while he marches with his comrades down a street

World War I was truly the first conflict of its kind, engulfing much of the world from 1914-18. While the majority involved became embroiled in…

Mata Hari: The Dutch Exotic Dancer Accused By the French of Being a Double Agent

Portrait of Mata Hari

Legendary exotic dancer Mata Hari was much more than meets the eye. With her captivating beauty, alluring performances and alleged involvement in espionage during the…

Pancho Villa: The Mexican Revolutionary Who Evaded US Capture For Nearly 11 Months

Francisco "Pancho" Villa and other Mexican revolutionaries on horseback

Pancho Villa was easily one of the most beloved leaders of the Mexican Revolution. Born into a humble sharecropping family, he rose from poverty to…

US Marine Taking a Break During the Battle of Saipan

Pfc. Raymond Hubert sitting on a naval shell while emptying sand from his boot

The Battle of Saipan, fought between June 15 to July 9, 1944, was a significant turning point in the Pacific Theater. As part of the…

Nakano Takeko: The Fearsome Female Warrior Who Was One of the Last Samurai

Statue of Nakano Takeko

In the annals of Japanese history, few figures stand as tall as Nakano Takeko, a remarkable woman who defied societal norms to become a fearsome…

‘Piper Bill’ Millin Played British Commandos from Sword Beach to Pegasus Bridge

Flags flying around a statue of Bill Millin

Among the heroes to emerge on D-Day was one man known not for his ferocious fighting, but for his astounding ability to play music through…

Celebrations Erupted After Paris Was Liberated By the Allies Toward the End of World War II

Soldiers marching down the streets of Paris while waving an American flag

The liberation of Paris during World War II stands as one of the most significant moments in France’s history. Its liberation was a turning point…

The Devastating Use of Agent Orange By the United States In Vietnam

Four Fairchild C-123 Providers spraying Agent Orange over a Vietnamese jungle

The Vietnam War remains one of the most controversial chapters of modern history. Among its many devastating consequences, the use of chemical warfare, particularly Agent…

Mass Piles of Shoes Represent the Number of Jewish Dead at Auschwitz

Piles of shoes on display at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp Museum

The Holocaust stands as one of the darkest chapters in human history, with six million Jews perishing during the Second World War. Beyond this staggering…

Staff Sergeant Gail Kerns Was Held As a POW By the North Vietnamese for Four Years

Two nurses standing around Gail Kerns as he kisses the tarmac at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland

As with all conflicts, prisoners of war (POW) were commonplace during the Vietnam War. It’s estimated that around 2,500 Americans were either missing in action…

Soviet Citizens of All Ages Helped the Red Army Defend Against the Siege of Leningrad – Including Children

Two children assembling submachine guns at a table

The Siege of Leningrad, a devastating 872-day blockade of the Soviet city by the Germans during World War II, remains a horrific part of the…

5,000 War Dogs Served in Vietnam and Almost All of Them Were Left Behind

Frank Spano kneeling alongside his German Shepherd, Lobo

Among the many valiant actors of the Vietnam War were war dogs, courageous canines who played an indispensable role in the conflict. Trained as sentry,…