Diver swimming over a coral-covered cannon from the HMS Tyger
Image of Uncle Sam painted on a brick wall
John Basilone standing in his US Marine Corps uniform + Aerial view of Henderson Field
Woman painting white stripes on her cow during the Blitz
Ceramic turtle placed on a table with a measuring device
Assault boat filled with people moving away from the MV Ruen
Still from 'Lone Survivor' + Still from 'Tears of the Sun' + Steven Seagal as Casey Ryback in 'Under Siege'
Aerial view of Mỹ Lai, with smoke rising into the air
HMS Petard (G56) at sea + George Medal
Sonar image of the wreck of the SS Hartdale + Two crewmen standing atop the SM U-27 at sea
Sukhoi Su-30SM in flight
Tom Hanks standing on a red carpet