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Spielberg called it “hugely ambitious,” ‘1917’ Movie Trailer is Finally Out


Titled “1917”, it’s the first production of Sam Mendes since Skyfall and Spectre. The movie will be set in times of the Great War and…

New Capture Story for World’s most Famous Tank: Tiger 131

The Tank Museum
Tiger Tank Museum

The Tank Museum has released a new video detailing how astonishing evidence came to light and changed the long accepted story of the world’s most…

The $12 Billion Aircraft Carrier USS John F Kennedy Gets Its Flight Deck

Ian Harvey

The USS John F Kennedy is the second Gerald R Ford-Class aircraft carrier currently under construction for the US Navy and is due to be…

French Submarine Found After Going Missing Over 50 Years Ago

Ian Harvey

Over fifty years ago, the French submarine La Minerve disappeared with 52 crew members onboard. After all this time, they finally found it again. In…

Restored ‘Silver Spitfire’ MJ271 in Round the World Record Attempt

Ian Harvey

Spitfire pilots Matt Jones and Steve Brooks plan to start the four-month trip, beginning on August 5th, 2019, at the iconic Goodwood Aerodrome in the…

Wreck of Soviet-Era Submarine Wreck Leaking High Radiation

Ian Harvey

It’s the plot of many a science fiction movie or dystopian novel – radiation seeps out from one source or another; thousands get sick or…

75 Years After it Vanished, Divers Find USS Eagle 56

Ian Harvey
USS Eagle 56

America lost an inestimable number of men, ships, and other equipment during World War II. Some were recovered, but of course thousands of men did…

Code Breaker Alan Turing to Feature on New £50 Banknote

Ian Harvey
alan Turing

Alan Turing, one of the greatest mathematicians Great Britain has ever produced, is getting another “thank you” of sorts from the British government. It is…

Rare WWII Matilda Tank For Sale $211,000

Ian Harvey
Matilda tank

Offered for sale from a private collection is this rare WWII tank. The Matilda A12 was the tank recognised with stemming the German advance at…

More Than 75 Years Later U.S. Repatriates WWII Fallen

Ian Harvey
Battle of Tarawa

When servicemen poured into the United States at the end of WWII in 1945, parades were held, celebrations happened across the country, and families wept…

Have Treasure Hunters Found Hatch to Bunker Containing German Loot?

Ian Harvey
Amber room

Adolf Hitler is once again making headlines – or, more accurately, the millions of pounds worth of treasure he may have left hidden in northeastern…

Swedish Seabed Finally give up Halifax Bomber Wreck

Ian Harvey

Halifax Bomber: Canadians and Swedes have a lot in common: a cold climate, a reputation for niceness, and an infinitely patient approach to getting things…