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Military Hacks That’ll Make Everyday Life That Much Easier

Three camouflaged soldiers squatting in bushes

There are many things in life that are tough, and military personnel have figured out the best ways to combat them. While War History Online…

The Second Battle of Fallujah Saw American Forces Fight In the Heaviest Urban Combat They’d Seen Since Vietnam

Four US Marines positioned along a stone wall

The Second Battle of Fallujah took place between November 7 and December 23, 2004, as part of the Iraq War. It’s considered the heaviest urban…

The Man Who Stopped the Club Q Assailant Is a Decorated US Army Veteran

Jared Polis shaking Rich Fierro's hand

The armed attack on Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado was yet another in a string of mass shootings to occur in the United States.…

Prince Harry Devastated ‘ER’ Was Removed from His Military Uniform, But Not William’s

Clare Fitzgerald
Prince Harry standing vigil in front of Queen Elizabeth II's coffin

The death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022 sent shockwaves across the world. The United Kingdom entered into a period of mourning, with…

Movies That Best Show the Realities of Tank Warfare

Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson as Lt. Col. Kiley and Maj. Wolenski in 'Battle of the Bulge' + Stuart Margolin and Clint Eastwood as Sgt. First Class Kelly and Pvt. Little Joe in 'Kelly's Heroes'

Each year, a handful of new films take to the big screen to showcase the greatest warriors and innovations spawned in wartime. From Top Gun…

Selous Scouts: The Specialized Rhodesian Force With a Controversial History

Members of the Rhodesian Security Forces gathered together at a camp

The Selous Scouts were a specialized force that fought in the Rhodesian Bush War under the Rhodesian Army. Comprised of trained soldiers working alongside ex-guerrillas,…

How Adam Brown Went from Addict to Decorated Navy SEAL

Rosemary Giles
Four US Navy SEALs aiming their firearms

Navy SEALs are among the most impressive and dedicated servicemen in the US military. This statement was especially true for Adam Brown, who overcame every…

Little-Known Facts About Sgt. Elias’ Death in ‘Platoon’

Todd Neikirk
Willem Dafoe as Sgt. Elias in 'Platoon'

Oliver Stone’s 1986 film Platoon is considered one of the greatest war films ever made. Stone served in the Vietnam War from 1967-68 and used…

The True Story Behind Netflix’s Docuseries, ‘Killer Sally’

Five US Marines saluting while in silhouette

On November 2, 2022, Netflix released the three-part docuseries, Killer Sally. The latest in a string of true crime documentaries to hit the popular streaming…

Veterans Hold Reunion 50 Years After Believing One Had Been Killed In Action In Vietnam

Rosemary Giles
Ivis Sloane, Jim Mattis and Tony Solis sitting together on a couch

Jim Mattis, Ivis Sloane and Tony Solis served in the same unit during the Vietnam War, forging an unbreakable bond throughout the conflict. This made…

Arizona City Celebrated WWII Veteran’s 105th Birthday with Amazing Surprise

Athena Wright smiling

Athena Wright was a young woman in her 20s when she embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, as well as the greatest sacrifice of…

US Army Veteran Treated to Ballroom Dancing, Pinning Ceremony in Recognition of Service

Jessica Manthe standing with Ed Lawler

In recognition of Veterans Day and National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, St. Croix Hospice in Wisconsin has shared the story of veteran Ed Lawler’s…