Todd Neikirk

Todd Neikirk is a New Jersey-based politics, entertainment and history writer. His work has been featured in,, and He enjoys sports, politics, comic books, and anything that has to do with history.

When he is not sitting in front of a laptop, Todd enjoys soaking up everything the Jersey Shore has to offer with his wife, two sons and American Foxhound, Wally.

Articles by Todd Neikirk:

Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Paths of Glory’ Was Loosely Based on a Real-Life Tragedy

Kirk Douglas as Col. Dax in 'Paths of Glory'

War movies have always been one of the most popular genres of film and, for many years, they unambiguously portrayed their conflicts as noble. Renowned…

Mars Bluff Incident: The US Air Force Accidentally Dropped a Nuclear Bomb on South Carolina

Boeing B-47 Stratojets parked on a runway

Starting in the late 1940s and running through to the end of the Cold War, an arms race occurred between the United States and the…

Jagdtiger: The German Tank Destroyer That Was Both Devastating and Problematic

Jagdtiger on display outside

Throughout the Second World War, the Wehrmacht used some of the best equipment of the era. This was largely due to the fact the German…

Hiroshi Miyamura: The MoH Recipient Who Took On Enemy Troops with a Machine Gun and Bayonet

Dwight Eisenhower shaking Hiroshi Miyamura's hand

During the Second World War, the United States interned several Japanese-Americans. An estimated 120,000 people of Japanese descent were forcibly relocated, most of whom lived…

M61 Vulcan: A Modern Take on the Civil War-Era Gatling Gun

M61 Vulcan on display outside

There has long been a competition between countries over who can produce the best fighter jets. This was particularly fierce with the United States and…

USS Missouri (BB-63): American Battleship and Site of the Japanese Surrender

Crowd gathered beside a docked USS Missouri (BB-63)

The USS Missouri (BB-63) was a bit late to the party. Completed in January 1944, she was the last US battleship to enter the action…

The Most Fearsome Military Units of All Time

Swiss Guard marching together + Group of Fallschirmjäger walking together

Intimidation plays an important part in conflict, as do teamwork and skill. The most fearsome military units in history combined these three traits, as well…

Bren Light Machine Gun: The British Weapon That Featured Heavily in North Africa

British soldier aiming a Bren light machine gun

The early 20th century featured both massive wars and rapid advances in technology. Among the most prominent and effective weapons to emerge during this time…

Vietnam War Movies That Best Show the Realities of the Conflict

Robert De Niro as Michael Vronsky in 'The Deer Hunter' + Martin Sheen as Capt. Benjamin L. Willard in 'Apocalypse Now'

Life was forever changed for the 2.7 million individuals who served in Vietnam. The realities of the war also changed cinema. Rather than show the…

MG-42: The German Machine Gun That Mowed Down Enemies On the Battlefield

German soldier lying beside an MG-42

The Second World War was fought with a number of new technologies and weapons. In a conflict this intense, each nation was desperate to get…

The Most Dangerous Aircraft to Ever Take to the Skies

Two Supermarine Spitfires in flight + Lockheed AC-130H in flight

Since the First World War, aircraft have been key to winning major skirmishes. Not only do they provide fire support from the air, they can…

HMS Royal Oak (08): The Royal Navy Battleship That Fought Valiantly During the Battle of Jutland

HMS Royal Oak (08) at sea

Battleships were extremely important during the First World War, and the British Royal Navy had some of the most impressive vessels of the conflict. They…