Rosemary Giles

Rosemary Giles is a history content writer with Hive Media. She received both her bachelor of arts degree in history, and her master of arts degree in history from Western University. Her research focused on military, environmental, and Canadian history with a specific focus on the Second World War. As a student, she worked in a variety of research positions, including as an archivist. She also worked as a teaching assistant in the History Department.

Since completing her degrees, she has decided to take a step back from academia to focus her career on writing and sharing history in a more accessible way. With a passion for historical learning and historical education, her writing interests include social history, and war history, especially researching obscure facts about the Second World War. In her spare time, Rosemary enjoys spending time with her partner, her cats, and her horse, or sitting down to read a good book.

Articles by Rosemary Giles:

Baldomero López Daringly Leads Troops Over a Seawall During the Battle of Inchon

Baldomero López leading his men over a seawall

The Battle of Inchon – or the Inchon Landing – occurred during the Korean War. It marked a pivotal turning point in the conflict and…

Soviet Sappers ‘Contributed Significantly’ to the USSR’s Defense During World War II

Soviet Red Army sappers wading across a river

During the Second World War, sappers with the Soviet Red Army played a crucial role in military operations along the Eastern Front. These combat engineers…

George Patton Strikes a Pose for the 103rd Infantry Division

George Patton standing among cameramen from the 103rd Infantry Division

Gen. George Patton is undoubtedly one of history’s best-known military commanders, who, while disliked by his superiors, was adored by average servicemen, as shown by…

Joyous American Servicemen Celebrating the Japanese Surrender in Paris

American servicemen and Parisians holding up newspapers in celebration of the Japanese surrender

The image above shows a group of American servicemen and women celebrating the Japanese surrender in front of the Red Cross pub in Paris. Many…

POW Camp 198 Was the Site of the ‘German Great Escape’

Steve McQueen as Capt. Virgil "The Cooler King" Hilts in 'The Great Escape'

Throughout the Second World War, a number of prisoner of war (POW) escape attempts stood out, such as the development of the Colditz Cock and…

The Battle of Wake Island Lifted the Spirits of the American Public

Aircraft flying over Wake Island

Hidden behind the tragedy of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is the lesser-known Battle of Wake Island. Enemy attacks were launched on both locations,…

The WWII-Era Disappearance of a Grumman J2F Duck Over Greenland

Grumman J2F Duck in flight

The Grumman J2F Duck was an amphibious aircraft that served the US military in various capacities during the Second World War. It could operate from…

Grieving Mother Searches for Son Among Returning Austrian POWs

Grieving mother holding up a photo of her son to a returning prisoner of war (POW)

Following World War II, each nation began the intensive process of returning each other’s prisoners of war (POWs) home to their worried and grieving mothers,…

Why Was ‘Casablanca’ Banned In Germany?

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman as Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund in 'Casablanca'

Casablanca (1942), a cinematic masterpiece cherished by audiences worldwide, experienced a peculiar fate within the borders of Germany. Despite its popularity, this iconic film found…

‘Gilligan’s Island’ Star Russell Johnson Was a Bombardier During the Second World War

Still from 'Gilligan's Island'

Russell Johnson, the talented actor known for his role as Professor Roy Hinkley in Gilligan’s Island (1964-67), led a remarkable life both on- and off-screen.…

Walter Holden Accidentally Took Off In a Fighter Jet – Despite Not Knowing How to Fly It

English Electric Lightning T5 taking off

Not everyone who serves with the Royal Air Force (RAF) is a pilot, as it’s equally important for crewmen to maintain the aircraft. This, however,…

Before He Was Obi-Wan Kenobi, Alec Guinness Was Part of the Allied Invasion of Sicily

Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi in 'Star Wars'

Alec Guinness is renowned for his iconic roles in such films as the Star Wars franchise and The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957). Behind…