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Saved at the tip! Century-old postcard from D H Lawrence

A postcard penned by celebrated English writer and poet D H Lawrence to a young woman in Nottinghamshire more than 100 years ago almost ended…

Gun Tower Anyone? Your’s For Just $90,000

Ian Harvey

Anyone in the market for an offbeat, one-of-a-kind home that will have friends and family talking for years should look no further than the former…

The End of an Era as Volkswagen Produces Final Beetle

Ian Harvey
VW Beetle

The end of an era as the last Volkswagen Beetle was driven off of the production line in Puebla, Mexico. Originally designed by Ferdinand Porsche…

WW2 Germany’s Abandoned “Highway” For Stolen Gold

Ian Harvey

Stories about the Third Reich continue to fascinate and make headlines long after the death of Hitler at the conclusion of the Second World War.…

Graf Spee’s 1/4 Ton Eagle Causing Controversy In South America – Again

Ian Harvey
Graf spee

Graf Spee’s eagle is once again in the news, and once again their notorious legacy is causing controversy. The government of Uruguay has in its…

DUKW – Want to Own a Piece of History?

Ian Harvey

For those eagle eyed military buffs, you would have spotted a WWII DUKW hiding under this exterior body. This vehicle was purchased with a view…

Dame Vera Lynn: Forces Sweet Heart Still smiling at 102

Ian Harvey
Dame Vera Lynn

Dame Vera Lynn: A lot of British and American stars made a point of heading overseas to entertain the troops during the Second World War,…

Unexploded WW2 Bombs Beneath The Ruins of Pompeii

Ian Harvey

Pompeii was an important part of the Roman Empire, a key city that was struck by molten lava when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D.,…

PBY Wreck Found in Irish lake

Ian Harvey

PBY Catalina: Most of the important relics and artifacts from World War II have long since been refurbished, restored and placed in history museums to…

Hand-Sized Drone Latest In Warfare Technology

Ian Harvey

Drone: Countries around the globe are ceaseless pursuers of the latest and greatest warfare technologies. It was once a case of “bigger is better” —…

WW2 Bomb Suddenly Explodes in German Field Leaving Giant Crater

Ian Harvey
Bomb crater

WW2 Bomb: Germany still suffers echoes of its dark Nazi past 80 years ago, when Adolf Hitler led the country to war and created a…

Marshall Islands: Dome Covering Nuclear Waste Starting to Crack

Ian Harvey

Marshall Islands – Science fiction writers have made countless plot lines out of an earth destroyed by mankind’s greed and lack of foresight. Many books,…