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Survivor of Auschwitz Celebrates Her Birthday With Family of 400

Ian Harvey

History is full of stories chronicling mankind’s best and worst moments.  Sometimes one of those moments comes hard on the heels of the other.  The…

Austrian Supreme Court Issues Ruling On Hitler’s Birthplace

Ian Harvey

The home where Adolf Hitler was born has been the subject of a long legal battle which was finally resolved this month as the Austrian…

We Are Entering a Golden Age of Wreck Discovery

Ian Harvey
plane wreck

Back in February of 2019, Paul Allen owned R/V Petrel found the Imperial Japanese Navy battleship Hiei which had been sunk by Allied forces in…

One of Canada’s ‘Black Devil’ Commandos, Dies at 97

Ian Harvey

On August 9th of 2019, Canadian World War II veteran Ralph Mayville passed away at the age of ninety three.  His short obituary in the…

Now Open: The First Underwater Veterans Memorial For Divers

Ian Harvey

On the 5th of August 2019, the Circle of Heroes military veteran memorial opened to the public.  Of all of the military memorials in the…

David Ayer to Movie About the Battle of El-Alamein

Ian Harvey
David Ayer

According to reports, David Ayer is in discussions to director “El-Alamein.” The movie is based on the true story of the World War II battles…

WWII Wrecks Are Being Stolen from the Bottom of the Oceans

Ian Harvey

The final resting places of many WWII sailors are being stolen by modern day pirates. These “metal pirates” as they’re known aren’t looking for treasure…

Airport Comes to Standstill as Remains of Hero Vietnam War Pilot Return Home

Ian Harvey

It seems that the American people can agree on almost nothing these days.  Almost. There is one topic on which they all agree, and that…

A Farewell Flypast Of The Dutch PBY-5A Catalina

Hans Wiesman

May 29th, 2019, It was an exciting event but for many Catalina Aficionados in Holland also a sad day, as their beloved PBY-5A made its…

Battle of Britain Hero Passes Away Hours After 100th Birthday

Ian Harvey

Archie McInnes was one of the last remaining veterans who fought for the UK in the Battle of Britain. He passed away on July 31,…

Searchers Find Lost Bow of WWII Submarine Near Aleutian Islands

Ian Harvey

The Lost 52 Project announced that it had located part the USS Grunion (SS 216), a US submarine that was lost during World War II.…

Greece Demands $313 Billion from Germany in War Compensation

Ian Harvey

Left-wing politicians in Greece are pushing for Germany to pay reparations for the damages it caused during World War II. The parliamentary committee has called…