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Sergeant Reckless: The Artillery Horse That Braved Enemy Fire In Korea

Sergeant Reckless standing outside

During the Korean War, there was one Marine who stood out from the rest. Not only for her skill and bravery, but because she was…

MoH Recipient George Andrew Davis Jr. Made the Ultimate Sacrifice in MiG Alley

Four North American F-86 Sabres in flight + Military portrait of George Andrew Davis Jr.

George Andrew Davis Jr. was a Medal of Honor recipient who valiantly served during World War II and the Korean War. Born on December 1,…

Outnumbered 25:1, the ‘Glorious Glosters’ Put Up a Heroic Last Stand On Hill 235

Members of the "Glorious Glosters" standing in a line + Military portrait of James Carne

The Battle of Imjin River was a Korean War engagement between UN and Chinese troops. Fought over four days, it saw the last stand of…

Hiroshi Miyamura: The MoH Recipient Who Took On Enemy Troops with a Machine Gun and Bayonet

Todd Neikirk
Dwight Eisenhower shaking Hiroshi Miyamura's hand

During the Second World War, the United States interned several Japanese-Americans. An estimated 120,000 people of Japanese descent were forcibly relocated, most of whom lived…

The Truth Behind Royce Williams’ Legendary Dogfight was Hidden for 50 Years

Todd Neikirk
Grumman F9F Panther in flight + Royce Williams wearing a baseball cap

The years following the Second World War were tricky. While Russia had been an ally to the United States during the conflict, the two frequently…

Korean War Epic ‘Devotion’ Features Authentic Aircraft from the Period

Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell as Jesse Brown and Thomas Hudner in 'Devotion'

Actors Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell portray famed naval aviators Jesse L. Brown and Thomas J. Hudner Jr. in the upcoming Korean War film, Devotion.…

Nuclear Weapons Were Almost Deployed During the Korean War

Two commanding officers reading a newspaper announcing the armistice being signed to pause the Korean War

The end of the Second World War ended with a literal bang for the Americans when they forced the Japanese surrender by dropping atomic bombs…

William Speakman Held Back 6,000 Enemy Troops with Beer Bottles in Korea

William Speakman in uniform

24-year-old William Speakman volunteered to serve in the Korean War in 1951. He’d joined the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment), attached to the 1st Battalion…

Charles Loring Jr. was a POW in WWII Before Receiving the MoH for His Actions in Korea

Rosemary Giles
Charles Loring Jr. standing with three other airmen

Charles J. Loring Jr. is one of many Medal of Honor recipients. Although he served in the Second World War, he received the honor for…

The Defiant Tanker Who Disobeyed Orders and Saved the Lives of 65 US Rangers in Korea

US infantrymen sitting on top of a tank

The situation for the 8th Ranger Company (Airborne) was looking pretty grim on April 24, 1951. Ordered to move forward to gain intelligence, they soon…

‘Devotion’ Presents the Korean War-Era Story of Jesse L. Brown and Thomas Hudner

Jonathan Majors as Jesse L. Brown in 'Devotion'

The incredible true story of Jesse L. Brown, the first African-American aviator to complete the US Navy’s basic flight training program, and the camaraderie between…

Clint Eastwood Survived a Plane Crash Into Shark-Infested Waters While Serving in the US Army

Clint Eastwood standing behind a podium + Clint Eastwood dressed in his US Army uniform

Clint Eastwood is arguably one of the most talented and well-known actors in Hollywood. His career spans nearly 70 years and includes a number of…