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Korean War Helicopters That Were Vital to Those Serving In the Conflict

Troops walking toward a Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw + Sikorsky H-5 Dragonfly taking off

The Korean War took place between 1950-53 and saw the UN coalition forces operate a plethora of military vehicles, including helicopters. The United States, in…

The Republic F-84 Thunderjet Was the ‘Champ of the Fighter-Bombers’

Four Republic F-84B Thunderjets in flight

The Republic F-84 Thunderjet was an American jet-powered fighter-bomber. Primarily flown by the US Air Force from 1947-64, it suffered many issues during its development…

George Patton Called Creighton Abrams a ‘World Champion’ Tank Commander

Creighton Abrams speaking at a table lined with microphones

There are some military commanders who stand out among the rest, and Creighton Abrams is one of them. Serving during the Second World War, as…

British Actors Who Served In the Military

Sean Connery and Michael Caine as Maj. Gen. Roy Urquhart and Lt. Col. J.O.E. Vandeleur in 'A Bridge Too Far'

Actors are best-known for their work on-screen, with their pre-fame lives being, generally, forgotten. That being said, there are many whose pre-acting experiences influenced the…

17 Powerful Images That Show the Human Side of War

Soldiers making a human pyramid + Soldiers lifting a woman up to kiss their comrade in the back of a truck

Since the First World War, every conflict has been well-documented. There are millions of photos showing soldiers, aircraft, tanks and battlefields, and behind them are…

James Garner’s Nose Saved His Life While Serving In Korea

James Garner as Flight Lt. Bob "The Scrounger" Hendley in 'The Great Escape'

A number of Hollywood stars have served in the military, but few have done so during two conflicts. Actor James Garner was one of them.…

MoH Recipient Robert Simanek Dove On a Live Grenade to Save His Comrades In Korea

Rosemary Giles
Two US Marines positioned on a ridge + Portrait of Robert Simanek

Between 1950-53, only a few years after the end of the Second World War, the United States entered another conflict: the Korean War. As part…

Sergeant Reckless: The Artillery Horse That Braved Enemy Fire In Korea

Sergeant Reckless standing outside

During the Korean War, there was one Marine who stood out from the rest. Not only for her skill and bravery, but because she was…

MoH Recipient George Andrew Davis Jr. Made the Ultimate Sacrifice in MiG Alley

Four North American F-86 Sabres in flight + Military portrait of George Andrew Davis Jr.

George Andrew Davis Jr. was a Medal of Honor recipient who valiantly served during World War II and the Korean War. Born on December 1,…

Outnumbered 25:1, the ‘Glorious Glosters’ Put Up a Heroic Last Stand On Hill 235

Members of the "Glorious Glosters" standing in a line + Military portrait of James Carne

The Battle of Imjin River was a Korean War engagement between UN and Chinese troops. Fought over four days, it saw the last stand of…

Hiroshi Miyamura: The MoH Recipient Who Took On Enemy Troops with a Machine Gun and Bayonet

Todd Neikirk
Dwight Eisenhower shaking Hiroshi Miyamura's hand

During the Second World War, the United States interned several Japanese-Americans. An estimated 120,000 people of Japanese descent were forcibly relocated, most of whom lived…

The Truth Behind Royce Williams’ Legendary Dogfight was Hidden for 50 Years

Todd Neikirk
Grumman F9F Panther in flight + Royce Williams wearing a baseball cap

The years following the Second World War were tricky. While Russia had been an ally to the United States during the conflict, the two frequently…