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Ronald J Shurer: The US Army Medic Who Braved Enemy Fire to Rescue His Fellow Green Berets

Clare Fitzgerald
Three members of the 3rd Special Forces Group standing in Shok Valley + Military portrait of Staff Sgt. Ronald J Shurer II

Many brave men and women risked their lives for their country during the War In Afghanistan. Staff Sgt. Ronald J Shurer II was one of…

Edgar Allan Poe: From West Point Cadet to One of America’s Most Prolific Poets

US Military Academy West Point cadets standing together in uniform + Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most prolific American poets of all time. His dark, macabre stories and gothic poetry have defined his legacy,…

Famous Navy SEALs: Who Are the Most Famous Navy Seals in History?

Rosemary Giles
NASA portrait of Jonny Kim + Military portrait of William McRaven + Marcus Luttrell standing on stage

US Navy SEALs are among the finest Special Operations forces in the United States. Their training is extensive and gruelling, to ensure they’re some of…

‘Saving Private Ryan’ Facts Every Movie Fan Should Know

Behind-the-scenes image from the filming of 'Saving Private Ryan'

The 1998 epic film Saving Private Ryan is one of the greatest, most accurate film representations of the Second World War. Directed by Steven Spielberg,…

‘The Longest Day’ Is Among the Most Accurate D-Day Films Ever Released

Clare Fitzgerald
Still from 'The Longest Day'

A number of movies centered around the D-Day landings have been released over the decades, but few have presented the story as accurately as The…

New Jersey Guardsmen Engaged Somali Militants In the Biggest Battle Since That of ‘Black Hawk Down’

Clare Fitzgerald
Soldier with Charlie Troop, 1st Squadron, 102nd Cavalry Regiment, New Jersey Army National Guard standing in the middle of a large crater

In September 2019, members of the New Jersey Army National Guard’s 102nd Cavalry Regiment took on a group of al-Shabaab militants who launched an attack…

Before They Were Making People Laugh, These 20 Comedians Served In the Military

Clare Fitzgerald
Don Rickles as CPO Otto Sharkey in 'C.P.O. Sharkey' + Mel Brooks holding an Emmy Award + Richard Pryor as Montgomery Brewster in 'Brewster's Millions'

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to have held jobs and careers prior to entering the spotlight. While some may have worked in a customer service…

General Austin Miller: The Longest-Serving Commander of the War In Afghanistan

Military portrait of General Austin Miller + American flag

General Austin Miller became the longest-serving commander of the War In Afghanistan – America’s longest war – in 2021, just months before his retirement from…

Punisher Skull Meaning: What Does the Punisher Logo Mean in the US Military?

Rosemary Giles
Jon Bernthal as the Punisher in 'The Punisher'

Each branch the US military has their own logo – various iterations of parachutes for airborne regiments, seahorses on US Navy emblems. Sometimes, symbols are…

Famous Marines: 9 Celebrities Who Served In the US Marine Corps

Samantha Franco
Steve McQueen as Capt. Virgil "The Cooler King" Hilts in 'The Great Escape' + Harvey Keitel as Winston "The Wolf" Wolfe in 'Pulp Fiction'

Throughout the history of the US Marine Corps, there’ve been many Leathernecks who’ve gained fame through impressive feats of bravery and valor. There are also…

‘This is What Madness Looks Like’ – WWI-Style Trench Warfare Being Used In Ukraine

Soldiers walking through a trench during World War I + Ukrainian soldier standing in a trench

Modern warfare has provided armies with an endless arsenal of high-tech weaponry, vehicles and aircraft. However, at their core, most conflicts today are similar to…

There’s a Big Difference Between the FBI and CIA

Rosemary Giles
FBI logo on a wooden wall + CIA logo against a pale blue backdrop

If you’ve ever watched the news during an international crisis or a threat to American soil, you’ll have undoubtedly heard of both the Federal Bureau…