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The Best Navy Films to Ever Grace the Big Screen

Movie Card for 'Midway' + Sean Connery as Marco Ramius in 'The Hunt for Red October' + Russell Crowe as Jack Aubrey in 'Master and Command: The Far Side of the World'

Hollywood adaptations of military life can often fall short when it comes to their accuracy. From over-exaggerated facts, over-the-top explosions and overlooked details, many war…

10 of the Most Famous American War Correspondents

Todd Neikirk
Close-up of Daniel Pearl smiling + Portrait of Ernie Pyle + Margaret Bourke-White holding a camera

It’s long been a tradition for serious journalists to embed themselves in the most dangerous situations possible in order to get a story – and…

US Army Ranger ‘The Reaper’ Reacts to 11 Sniping Scenes from Popular War Movies – and It’s Rough!

Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle in 'American Sniper' + Nicholas Irving aiming his rifle + Mark Wahlberg as Marcus Luttrell in 'Lone Survivor'

With 33 confirmed kills over a span of just four months – and upwards of 100 unofficial kills – Nicholas Irving, AKA “the Reaper,” is…

How Many 5 Star Generals Are There? Nine: A List of 5 Star Generals in the US

Douglas MacArthur standing in uniform + Military portrait of Dwight D. Eisenhower + Chester Nimitz standing in his naval uniform

Following the death of Gen. Omar Bradley in 1981, the elite rank of five-star general feels more like a legend than reality. Since Congress allowed…

Operation Trent: The British Special Air Service’s Astonishing Daylight Mission in Afghanistan

British troops sitting on an armored vehicle in the desert

The British Special Air Service (SAS) is considered one of the most elite forces units in the world. They operate with extreme secrecy, are deadly…

British Troops Were Ordered to Break Out Their Fixed Bayonets During the Iraq War

Todd Neikirk
British soldier kneeling while holding his firearm

Most weapons, no matter how successful they are, have a shelf life. As such, countries are constantly pushing to come up with the latest and…

Spetsnaz: How Russia’s Special Forces Became So Deadly

Five Russian Spetsnaz jumping from an aircraft

Russia’s Spetsnaz forces were shaped by the Cold War to be stealthy, efficient and, above all, lethal. Geared toward “political warfare,” the group has been…

An F-15 Eagle Scored an Air-to-Air Kill By Dropping a Bomb on an Enemy Helicopter

Underside of an F-15 Eagle mid-flight

The Gulf War saw its fair share of intense aerial combat between the Coalition and Iraqi forces, with the Coalition’s air campaign alone dropping 88,500…

Korean War Veteran Reunites with Long-Lost Love After 70 Years

Samantha Franco
Portraits of Duane Mann and Peggy Yamaguchi

Many American soldiers found love while away at war, but what happened when the fighting came to an end? Many were shipped back to their…

The Inspiration for Charles ‘Chappy’ Sinclair from ‘Iron Eagle’ Was An Air Force Legend

Todd Neikirk
Daniel James Jr. standing next to his North American F-51 Mustang

Top Gun: Maverick was released in 2022 to rave reviews and popularity, largely due to how fondly people remembered the first film. In 1986, another…

US Army Rangers Engaged a Local Gang in a Fierce Gunfight on the Streets of Tacoma

US Army Rangers scaling a wooden platform

In the 1980s, drugs ran rampant on American streets and there was an uptick in gang violence. While there are still major issues with drug…

TikToker Claims Recruiter Lied to Convince Her to Enlist in the US Military

Itzel Hernandez wearing a black dress + Itzel Hernandez wearing her US Army fatigues

A TikTok creator has gone viral after uploading a video in which she claims a recruiter tricked her into joining the US military – something…