Elisabeth Edwards

Elisabeth Edwards is a public historian and history content writer. After completing her Master’s in Public History at Western University in Ontario, Canada Elisabeth has shared her passion for history as a researcher, interpreter, and volunteer at local heritage organizations.

She also helps make history fun and accessible with her podcast The Digital Dust Podcast, which covers topics on everything from art history to grad school.

In her spare time, you can find her camping, hiking, and exploring new places. Elisabeth is especially thrilled to share a love of history with readers who enjoy learning something new every day!

The Digital Dust Podcast


Articles by Elisabeth Edwards:

T-72: The Soviet-Era Tank That Continues to Serve the Russian Armed Forces

Russian soldier standing in the turret of a T-72 tank

Written by Lis Edwards and Clare Fitzgerald. During the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union was looking to develop a better tank, as…

Operation Desert Storm: The Battle That Changed Modern Warfare Forever

Two F-15C Eagle aircraft in flight

Operation Desert Storm changed modern warfare as we know it. Newly-introduced stealth technologies, GPS, advanced aircraft radar and missile warning systems employed by the US…

Simo Häyhä: The Deadliest Sniper in the History of War

Simo Häyhä with his sniper rifle + Military portrait of Simo Häyhä

The Winter War of 1939-40 was a true test of the Finnish Army’s strength and resolve. While the country ended up ceding border areas to…

Kota Bharu: How Imperial Japan Conquered British Malaya in the Most Unlikely Way

Just 70 minutes before the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service commenced an attack on the United States naval base Pearl Harbor, another equally horrific battle…

C-4: The Vietnam-Era Explosive Still Used Today

The Second World War was the catalyst for countless new technologies that we still use today. From medicines like penicillin to the atomic bomb and…

Frederick Banting: The Co-Discoverer of Insulin Served in Both World Wars

Frederick Banting working at a desk

Shortly before 2:00 AM on October 31, 1920, Frederick Banting woke up from a dream that would change the lives of millions. He quickly scribbled…

The US Navy’s First Escort Carrier Shined During the Guadalcanal Campaign

USS Long Island at sea

Did you know the US produced 122 escort carriers during World War II? This staggering number makes it difficult to remember the achievements of one…

Two Members of the Real-Life von Trapp Family Served in WWII

von Trapp family singing into a microphone

The von Trapp family’s incredible story is one of the most well-known events of the Second World War. Though not entirely accurate, it was forever…