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War History Online welcomes many guest authors who share their knowledge of the history on our pages. We work with various museums, historical societies and media outlets around the world. If you are interested in working with us or have a great story, please get in touch.

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Articles by Damien Peters:

The 5 Most Titanic Military Rivalries of the Ancient World: Alexander The Great and Memnon of Rhodes

Alexander of Macedon faces the Greek mercenaries of Memnon of Rhodes on the banks of the Granicus – the first battle of his conquest of…

Death in the Desert: The End of the Crusader Kingdoms of the Levant

A Memluk Warrior of the Crusading Period Much like today, the Middle East in the mid thirteenth century was a swirling maelstrom of competing powers,…

How Caesar Defeated 250,000 Gallics Coming At Them From Two Sides With Only 60,000 Legionnairs

Alesia: The Roman Army at the Height of Its Power Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars had been raging for over five years when his legions faced…