King George VI Had Secret Plan To Save Princess Elizabeth If Nazi Germany Invaded Britain

Queen Elizabeth, King George VI and Princess Elizabeth standing with a group of RAF personnel, during a visit to Mildenhall, Suffolk.

Dr. Andrew Stewart, a Windsor Castle historian, has uncovered secret archives that detail a plan hatched by King George VI to protect his two daughters in the event of a German invasion of England during WWII.

King George was very well aware of the potential propaganda coup, should the Nazis capture the reigning English monarch, or indeed any of his close family.

So a plan was devised that should there be a German invasion the Royal family would be moved from Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle to secret country estates.

If those were compromised in any way, King George would remain on English soil but the two princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret, would be transported away from England for their safety.

The plan was built around a personal bodyguard of trusted members of the Coldstream Guards and the XII Royal Lancers. This guard would have the sole responsibility of guarding the Royal family.

The elite squad would be led by Major Jimmy Coats, thus the name of the plan, Operation Coats, and he would personally interview and select each member of the guard.

The Lancers were supplied with a Daimler, Guy and Rolls-Royce armored cars and they were to ensure that the Royal family were transported to the secret country homes.

They were given strict instructions that they were to fight their way through any German lines and ensure the royal family would be saved, as per the plan.

The Coldstream Guards, who already manned the extensive trench system surrounding the palaces, would have fought ‘to the last round’ in defense of the Royal family, Express reported.

The full story of this plan is contained in Dr. Stewart’s book, The King’s Private Army.