The Colt 1911 – Perfect Replica Of The Classic WW1 Pistol In Action (Watch)

The Colt Firearms Company has been renowned in their field for more than a century, and the M1911 pistol is a classic example of the high-quality firearms they have produced over the years.

In the late 19th Century, extensive research was being carried out in the weapons industry into the possibility of self-loading guns. In America, the government was keen to arm the US military with the best possible technology, and in the 1890’s alone they adopted numerous new pistols and rifles. Among their top priorities, however, was the development of what would later become the first semi-automatic pistols. After years of work, the Colt M1911 was the culmination of their efforts.

In 1910, this new firearm was tested over the course of two days, during which 6000 shots were fired. Only one pistol was used, and no problems or malfunctions were reported. The US had found the self-loading pistol it had been looking for, and in March of 1911, the weapon was officially adopted by the US military.

Initially, only the Colt Firearms Company and the Springfield Armory produced them, but as demand skyrocketed, the work had to be contracted out to even more companies. This model saw extensive use during the First World War, and by 1917 more than 68,000 units had been supplied to the American military.

In this video, viewers can watch this classic firearm in action against a range of targets, as well as enjoying a historical and technical rundown of the gun. The hickock45 YouTube channel posts a great deal of informative and entertaining content and explores a wide range of weaponry from a variety of historical periods. If you’re interested in the Colt M1911 in particular, or just keen to know more about firearms in general, this video and the channel behind it are well worth visiting.

Malcolm Higgins

Malcolm Higgins is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE