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World on Fire WWII Epic Hits TV Screens

Ian Harvey

The BBC’s epic WWII production World on Fire starring Sean Bean and Helen Hunt is perhaps one of the most ambitious series ever devised. It…

Jewish Community Leader Hits Out at Online Sales of Third Reich Memorabilia

Ian Harvey
german halftrack

Australian Dr Dvir Abramovich has launched a scathing attack online regarding the sale of Nazi memorabilia online describing such items as ‘blood-soaked’ and ‘Satan’s instruments’.…

30 metres of RUSSIAN territory in Europe – There’s No Checkpoint, But You’ll Be Arrested if You Stop

Ian Harvey

It is said that the most common complaint between neighbours and the one issue most likely to lead to a falling out, especially in the…

Nuremberg Trial Recordings to be Made Available to the Public

Ian Harvey

After two years of secretive work, the audio recordings of the Nuremberg trials will be made available to the public in digital format. The Memorial…

Eerie Images Taken by Divers Show the Wreckage of USS Eagle PE-56

Ian Harvey
USS Eagle

Two weeks before VE Day and the final capitulation of the Nazi German forces an order went out, to the U-boat commanders that were still…

USS Constitution Celebrates 222 Years in Service

Ian Harvey
USS Constitution

The USS Constitution is the world’s oldest commissioned warship still sailing the seas. Nicknamed “Old Ironsides” due to its success in the War of 1812,…

Single Day Tickets on Sale for 20th Anniversary TANKFEST

The Tank Museum

TANKFEST Single Day tickets are now on sale for the 20th Anniversary taking place 26-28 June 2020.  Attracting visitors from as far as Australia and…

Giant Flak Tower to Become Luxury Hotel

Ian Harvey

The St. Pauli bunker in Hamburg, Germany, is set for a hotel makeover. The bunker was built in World War II to provide air defense…

Map Plots 30,000 Luftwaffe Air Raids on The UK During WW2

Ian Harvey

Experts at the University of York and the Britain’s National Archives have created an interactive map which shows the locations of over 30,000 air raids…

Divers Discover WWII “earthquake” Bomb in Shipping Channel

Ian Harvey
tallboy bomb

One of Poland’s busiest shipping channels just happens to be the location of one of the largest unexploded WWII bombs ever found in the country.…

‘Hogan’s Heroes’ Makes A Comeback Nearly Five Decades After It Went Off The Air

Ian Harvey
hogan's heroes

The original Emmy Award-winning Hogan’s Heroes was a sitcom set in a WWII prisoner of war camp, its successor, however, focuses on the descendants of…

Gal Gadot to Play Polish Heroine ‘Irena Sendler’ in Holocaust Drama

Ian Harvey

Gal Gadot, the Israeli born star of 2017’s Wonder Woman movie has confirmed that she will produce and star in a new film version of…