Operation Copperhead Was Almost Compromised By A Drunk Bernard Montgomery Lookalike

Clifton James dressed as Bernard Montgomery + Portrait of Bernard Montgomery

Operation Overlord was, at that point, the largest amphibious invasion in the history of warfare. It was no easy feat to keep something of this…

William Hopper: The Actor Who Played Paul Drake on ‘Perry Mason’ Served in the Navy in WWII

US servicemen watching an explosion in the distance + Portrait of William Hopper

American actor William Hopper is best remembered for his decade-long portrayal of Paul Drake in the original television run of the popular courtroom drama, Perry…

NPS Researchers Explore Underwater Remnants of the Battles of Guam

Diver swimming near a rusty military vehicle

Just a few days after the Japanese launched their surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the US military became embroiled in the First Battle of Guam.…

US Army Mascot: Mules, Machine Guns and Mischief

Rosemary Giles
US Military Academy West Point mule mascot standing among a crowd of cadets

Nothing screams team pride quite like a mascot. Even outside of athletics, many organizations usually adopt one as a symbol of good luck. The US…

Viral Video of Russian Soldier Serves as Tutorial on How Not to Throw a Grenade

Clare Fitzgerald
Russian soldier preparing to throw a grenade + Russian soldier ducking

A number of videos and images have come out in recent months regarding the lack of training Russian recruits are receiving prior to being deployed…

Fouled Anchor: What Does the Navy Chief Anchor Mean?

Samantha Franco
CPO. Kalaw standing with his arms crossed + Fouled anchor emblem

The fouled anchor is a symbol most associated with the US Navy. The term “foul” generally refers to something that’s wrong or difficult. However, its…

Netflix’s Adaptation of ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ Shows the Brutalities of Trench Warfare

Felix Kammerer as Paul Bäumer in 'All Quiet on the Western Front'

One of the most talked about films of 2022 was All Quiet on the Western Front. The adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s classic anti-war novel…

The British Army Took Over the Village of Tyneham to Prepare for D-Day

Geoff Moore
Allied soldiers standing among supplies

In December 1943, the British Army took over a village to prepare for the Allied invasion of Normandy. On the south coast of the United…

Museum Releases Promotional Booklet Ahead of ‘The Third Man’ Film Anniversary

Geoff Moore
Orson Welles and Carol Reed on the set of 'The Third Man'

In advance of the 75th anniversary of the post-Second World War film The Third Man (1949) in 2024, a hand-sized booklet had been published to…

The Most Historically Accurate War Movies Ever Released

Rosemary Giles
Promotional poster for 'Saving Private Ryan' + Promotional poster for 'Platoon'

There’s nothing quite like a good war film, with over-the-top explosions and lifelike special effects. While a popular genre, there are some releases that stand…

The Tank Museum to Republish David Fletcher Book About the 79th Armoured Division

Clare Fitzgerald
'Vanguard of Victory: The 79th Armoured Division' placed atop an armored vehicle

The Tank Museum in Bovington, United Kingdom has announced it’ll be republishing David Fletcher’s famed book, Vanguard of Victory: The 79th Armoured Division. Originally published…

How Many Times Did the World Nearly End During the Cold War? Answer: A Lot

Samantha Franco
Mushroom cloud rising into the sky + John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev sitting together

There were numerous times throughout the Cold War where the world nearly ended. The Cuban Missile Crisis, for example, saw the United States and Soviet…