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There’s a Big Difference Between the FBI and CIA

Rosemary Giles
FBI logo on a wooden wall + CIA logo against a pale blue backdrop

If you’ve ever watched the news during an international crisis or a threat to American soil, you’ll have undoubtedly heard of both the Federal Bureau…

Operation Mount Hope III: How US ‘Night Stalkers’ Stole An Mi-25 Hind D From Under Libya’s Nose

Boeing MH-47 Chinook carrying a Mil Mi-25 Hind D over the desert

In just 70 hours, over 60 men with the US Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment pulled off one of the most brazen military heists…

A Naval Academy ‘Assault Team’ Once Stole West Point’s Treasured Mules and Were Awarded for It

US Navy sailors saluting in full uniform + US Military Academy West Point mule mascot holding its arm out

School football rivalries have long existed, and harmless pranks typically accompany them to boost team and school morale. This is true of the rivalry between…

Most Anticipated War Movies of 2023

Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer in 'Oppenheimer' + Helen Mirren as Golda Meir in 'Golda'

If there’s one thing we enjoyed the most about 2022, it’s the quality of the war- and military-themed films that were released to theaters and…

Kris Kristofferson Served In the US Army Before Chasing His Country Music Dreams

Samantha Franco
Kris Kristofferson smiling

Country music legend and actor Kris Kristofferson has had a long and successful career that hasn’t been without its hardships. Before pursuing a career in…

Missing Man Formation: A Salute to Fallen Airmen

Rosemary Giles
Four aircraft flying in a missing man formation

Have you ever looked up at the sky and saw a squadron flying overhead perfectly in position, only for one to suddenly pull away, leaving…

Official Title Revealed for Upcoming ‘Gladiator’ Sequel

Russell Crowe as Maximus Decimus Meridius in 'Gladiator'

The long-awaited sequel to the 2000 historical epic, Gladiator, has finally entered production, with filming officially wrapping up in January 2024. News first broke about…

James Earl Jones: Hollywood’s Iconic Voice Served As An Officer in the US Army

Portrait of James Earl Jones + James Earl Jones as Vice Adm. James Greer

Actor James Earl Jones has one of the most recognizable voices in Hollywood. From the haunting villain of Darth Vader in Star Wars‘ to the…

Military Hacks That’ll Make Everyday Life That Much Easier

Three camouflaged soldiers squatting in bushes

There are many things in life that are tough, and military personnel have figured out the best ways to combat them. While War History Online…

The Second Battle of Fallujah Saw American Forces Fight In the Heaviest Urban Combat They’d Seen Since Vietnam

Four US Marines positioned along a stone wall

The Second Battle of Fallujah took place between November 7 and December 23, 2004, as part of the Iraq War. It’s considered the heaviest urban…

The Man Who Stopped the Club Q Assailant Is a Decorated US Army Veteran

Jared Polis shaking Rich Fierro's hand

The armed attack on Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado was yet another in a string of mass shootings to occur in the United States.…

Prince Harry Devastated ‘ER’ Was Removed from His Military Uniform, But Not William’s

Clare Fitzgerald
Prince Harry standing vigil in front of Queen Elizabeth II's coffin

The death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022 sent shockwaves across the world. The United Kingdom entered into a period of mourning, with…