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Gail Halvorsen Dropped Candy Over Berlin During the Soviet Blockade In 1948-49

Clare Fitzgerald
Gail Halvorsen standing among a crowd of children

The Soviet blockade of Berlin in 1948-49 was a tough time for those living in the German capital. The United States was among the Allied…

The Skipjack-Class Gave the US Navy An Edge in Underwater Combat

USS Shark at sea

The Skipjack-class of American submarine was developed in the 1950s, bringing about a host of revolutionary features that became standard for future vessels. Named after…

A Sausage-Filled Jetliner Crashed During the Cold War, Killing 16 Soviet Admirals

Jesse Beckett
Tupolev Tu-104 in the snow + Fork holding up a sausage

One of the many close calls between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War occurred on February 7, 1981. On this…

The M60 Machine Gun Has Withstood the Test of Time, Here’s Why

M-60 Machine Gun and Julie Andrews

The M60 machine gun is as much a symbol of the Vietnam War as the peace sign. This weapon was loved and loathed – it…

The MiG-31: A Soviet-Era Interceptor That’s Faster Than Any Western Combat Jet Currently In Service


Designed as a slightly more refined and civilized version of the MiG-25 Foxbat, the MiG-31 is an aircraft that has remained mysterious to the West…

5 Top Secret Military Bases That Changed History

Missile lifting off from Kwajalein Atoll + Two people walking in a dark cave

The world’s military superpowers are known for being secretive when it comes to their operations, so it’s no surprise there are numerous formerly-secret bases located…

How Eisenhower Planned to Survive a Nuclear Attack By the USSR

Jesse Beckett
Dwight D. Eisenhower sitting at his desk + Mushroom cloud

Limiting the effects of a nuclear attack can be a tough task, one that many nations took on (mostly in vain) during the Cold War.…

The US And Britain Thought This Paint Could Protect Against a Nuclear Blast

Anti Flash White

When it comes to surviving a nuclear blast, paint is probably the last type of defense you’d consider. However, with the advent of nuclear weapons…

The USS Intrepid Survived Four Kamikaze Attacks And Continued In Service For Decades

USS Intrepid Docked

The USS Intrepid was an Essex-class aircraft carrier built during WWII. Initially operating in the Pacific Theatre, Intrepid would end up serving a wild 30-year…

America’s Black Hawk Helicopter Still Has A Lot Of Work To Do

Black Hawk And the US Marines

The famous and long-lasting UH-60 Black Hawk, which has been flying since the 1970s, will likely remain in service until the 2030s. The airframe is…

Did Tin Buttons Cause Napoleon’s Army To Retreat From Russia?

Napoleon in Russia

October of 1812 saw a major turning point in Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. Although the French had recently claimed victory at the Battle of Maloyaroslavets,…

These US Military Jets Accidentally Shot Themselves Down


As a rule, most aircraft armed with offensive weapons either attack ground targets or other aircraft. Over the past century, we have gotten pretty good…