Rosemary Giles

Rosemary Giles is a history content writer with Hive Media. She received both her bachelor of arts degree in history, and her master of arts degree in history from Western University. Her research focused on military, environmental, and Canadian history with a specific focus on the Second World War. As a student, she worked in a variety of research positions, including as an archivist. She also worked as a teaching assistant in the History Department.

Since completing her degrees, she has decided to take a step back from academia to focus her career on writing and sharing history in a more accessible way. With a passion for historical learning and historical education, her writing interests include social history, and war history, especially researching obscure facts about the Second World War. In her spare time, Rosemary enjoys spending time with her partner, her cats, and her horse, or sitting down to read a good book.

Articles by Rosemary Giles:

The American Forces Endured Arduous Fighting At Con Thien During the Vietnam War

American troops riding in an armored personnel carrier

Amid the jungle landscapes and dense terrain of the Vietnam War, military strategists on both sides sought to establish outposts. One critical location was Con…

Could Hans Tragarsky Be The Unknown German Soldier In This Famous Image?

Hans Tragarsky standing in uniform, with an ammunition belt around his shoulders

The above photo is undoubtedly one of the best-known German images of World War II, showing a soldier carrying ammunition around his shoulders. It’s understandable…

Nearly 500,000 Purple Hearts Were Made In Preparation for the Proposed American Invasion of Japan

US Marines aiming their weapons in the field

Operation Downfall was a planned military operation by the United States and its allies toward the end of the Second World War. The aim was…

The WWII-Era Heroics of the Real-Life Monuments Men

Still from 'The Monuments Men'

During World War II, a group of unlikely heroes emerged who were dedicated to preserving the world’s cultural heritage. Known as the “Monuments Men,” this…

The Iraqi Air Force Buried Its MiG-25s In the Desert to Stop Them Being Destroyed By the US

American troops digging a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 out of the Iraqi desert

There are some things you don’t expect to find hidden in the middle of the desert, and a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 is certainly one of them. The…

Judy Garland Did Her Part For The War Effort By Performing At War Bond Drives

Judy Garland performing before a group of civilian workers

World War II brought about immense challenges and uncertainties. During these dark times, Hollywood played a crucial role in lifting the spirits of the masses.…

Witold Pilecki Risked His Life for the Polish Resistance By Voluntarily Being Imprisoned At Auschwitz

Two portraits of Witold Pilecki dressed in his Auschwitz prisoner uniform

Witold Pilecki was among the many unsung heroes of the Second World War, and his incredible courage and determination left an indelible mark on history.…

Photos That Showcase the Morale-Boosting Drag Performances of WWII

Kenneth More and Laurence Olivier dressed as women

There was certainly no shortage of soldier shows during World War II. On the frontlines, where many of these took place, a lack of women…

Nearly Seven Decades After He Last Held a Rifle, WWII Veteran Ted Gundy Hit a Target From 1,000 Yards Away

American sniper looking through a gap in a broken wall

At the age of 83, World War II veteran Ted Gundy went viral after demonstrating the incredible marksmanship skills he’d gained during his service. Despite…

Downed Nakajima B5N2 Torpedo Bomber Off the Coast of Papua New Guinea

Wreck of a Nakajima B5N2 on the ocean floor

During the Second World War, the Nakajima B5N emerged as one of the most formidable aircraft in the Imperial Japanese Navy’s (IJN) arsenal. Renowned for…

Even Children Were Thrilled Following the US’ Entry Into WWI

Young girl grabbing the hand of an American soldier while he marches with his comrades down a street

World War I was truly the first conflict of its kind, engulfing much of the world from 1914-18. While the majority involved became embroiled in…

Mata Hari: The Dutch Exotic Dancer Accused By the French of Being a Double Agent

Portrait of Mata Hari

Legendary exotic dancer Mata Hari was much more than meets the eye. With her captivating beauty, alluring performances and alleged involvement in espionage during the…