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Band of Brothers, great interview with ‘George Luz’ & ‘Foxhole Norman’

  Exclusive video. As some may know, we were in Normandy last week with the Band of Brothers actors reunion in aid of the World…

Pacific War expert, Dan King joins War History Online as Guest Blogger!

Maybe its just because of where we sit on the atlas but there is no question that the Second World War in Europe dominates a…

WWII Pillboxes out in the Northumbrian wastes.

  OK! Who dunnit?????  Stand up that man! I wandered lonely as a cloud that wanders over vale and hill. When all at once I…

Band of Brothers veterans return to Upottery, their D-Day Airfield – By Neil Stevens

If like me you have been lucky enough to engage with and become friends with WW2 US veterans and their family members, the one thing…

The submerged Sherman tank off Saipan

The Battle of Saipan was a battle of the Pacific campaign of World War II, fought on the island of Saipan in the Mariana Islands…


  NO? SO WHAT ABOUT TOTALIZE PHASE?   Is there a tendency among British historians and commentators to enthuse about defeat whilst finding it difficult…

Bumper Markings

This article is going to be focused on more specific and specialised units and their respective markings; for example it will look at the Medical…

Mobile WWII battlefield App is taking the sites by storm.

  Mobile WWII battlefield App is taking the sites by storm. When Lydia Phillips decided to trace the footsteps of her great uncle, who was…

How to – Camera Boxes

As we are always adding and refining details within our dioramas – Dale Davidson guides us through a ‘how to’ on camera boxes.

The 1st Division specialised in amphibious operations

On February 6th 1945, CT16 relieved CT13 of the 8th division near the towns of Winden and Kleinhau on the banks of the Roer River

Spuduka’s Pillbox Upper Thames set

To give some background you have to go back to 1940 when the UK was at risk from Germany invading after the fall of France.…

Rescue of Il-2 M3 at Lake Balaton

In August 2010 we proceeded to the rescue of a Soviet Il-Sturmovik Batalon fallen into the lake (Hungary) after being hit by flak. The unit…

Is Collecting Militaria Glorifying War?

THESE DAYS, the impact of war is thankfully well understood by the mainstream. Remembrance ceremonies happen in many countries including the UK, US and Australia.…

Photo gallery: U.S. Army desert training with general George Patton (16 pics)

April 20, 1942: a mobile artillery unit about to start on maneuvers


The most implacable opponents of the British and Canadians fighting in Normandy were the largely teenage soldiers of the Hitlerjugend


Experience the best display of historic moving armour in the world at The Tank Museum – bringing the story of tanks, tank crew and soldiers to life…

Exercise Tiger Newsletter

Welcome to our first newsletter, one of several that will be released from time to time concerning next year’s Exercise Tiger 70th anniversary memorial event.


You may well have seen the recent coverage of this book in the press and elsewhere. The emphasis was on a bit of mild ridicule of the Fuhrer by showing him wearing shorts or silly hats and practicing the odd rant.

Inside the real Birdsong tunnels: Never-before-seen images of the mines dug by British ‘clay-kickers’ under German lines in WW1

Flanders fields today bears little sign of the four years of war that claimed so many thousands of lives and ravaged this small corner of the Western Front.

WWI letter found in Hastings reveals Kent man’s heroism

It was 1915 when the World War I vessel HMS Hythe sank in Turkey while on operations.

And a letter recently uncovered by a historian, who stumbled across it in a militaria shop in Hastings, Sussex, details the bravery of the ship’s captain. The document describes how Capt Reggie Salomons, from Kent, died while trying to save his men.


  With news that the Poles are opening up one of Hitler’s headquarters for tourism, this timely new book offers a fascinating dip into the…

Final Days of the Reich

This is new offering in the Images of War series includes some truly excellent photographs,  In my many years photographing living history groups, the question…

One-ton WWII-era bomb unearthed in France

Up to 1,000 people have been evacuated from the city of Marseille in France after a one-ton World War II German bomb was found buried nearby.

Army Ranger who led D-Day attack on German gun positions

George Kerchner, a junior officer who led his Army Ranger company up the Pointe du Hoc cliffs during the Normandy invasion and who managed to silence German big guns that threatened the success of the D-Day landings, died Feb. 17 at his home in Midlothian, Va. He was 93.

The Catalina sank a German U-boat off Iceland in 1944.

A WW2 Catalina flying boat which took part in the Fermanagh Seaplane Festival a month ago remains stranded at the former wartime airbase on Lough Erne.It was damaged after drifting onto a moored yacht and there has been a delay in getting the plane repaired. The incident during the event is being examined by Air Accident Investigators and their report will be made public when it is completed.

Wakefield firm restores WWWII Sherman tank

  A tank which fought in one of the biggest battles of the Second World War has been restored in Wakefield. City engineering firm TEi…

The Tank Museum has a number of vehicles for disposal.

  The Tank Museum has a number of vehicles for disposal. Please click on the PDF link below for further details..

Battle of Britain monument to be built in Doncaster

  Snow – The Double Life Of A World War II Spy tells how the journey of Arthur Owens (pictured) into the world of spying…