How to – Camera Boxes

As we are always adding and refining details within our dioramas – Dale Davidson guides us through a ‘how to’ on camera boxes.

Right, stage one print off what you need.

You can see the effect the linen paper has on the finish.

Next stage, carefully cut them out, I used scissors but you can use a craft knife.

I put a thin score with a craft knife along the back where I wanted the fold to go, if you don’t do this they won’t look as neat.

Gently fold over the edges where you’ve scored them.

Glue the edges with some craft glue, I used a glue-pen from Hobby craft for 99p, looks like a large felt tip.

Once you’ve done them all you’ve got nine   looking authentic camera film box’s to add to your display.

Total cost would be about £2.50 if you have glue already, works out at less than 30p a box.

Dale Davison Normandy44


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