Rescue of Il-2 M3 at Lake Balaton

In August 2010 we proceeded to the rescue of a Soviet Il-Sturmovik Batalon fallen into the lake (Hungary) after being hit by flak. The unit is split into two, with the tail section separated into several pieces. Its front is in a surprisingly good despite landing in the water.

The flora of the lake has taken up the device and corrosion extends all surfaces but still retains some of its original paint. On its surface you can see some of the impacts received during the battle. In the cockpit you can see much of their equipment but others have gone consumed by corrosion or buried in the bed of the lake.

The damaged part is the back which was the most parts and wood had been consumed by time. The defense position is very exposed rear and most of the protection received pilot, engine and fuel tanks. A thick bulkhead separating the driver of the striker where his gun was still in his defensive position to be found.

Flak impact on the bottom of the fuselage


Javier Ormeño


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