Planes, Tanks and Armored Cars – World War Two Wrecks in the Desert

Check it out! From Sherman tanks to armored cars and even a plane, this video shows us photos of abandoned world war 2 wrecks in what was the North African Theater of WW2.

More that 70 years later, WWII wrecks can still be found in the desert, most of them in the same location they were left by their crew all those decades earlier.

This video takes us on a trip through a variety of wrecked war vehicles. Some are long forgotten in remote places, while others are simply abandoned in the middle of a modern town.

Images of Sherman tanks, Stuart tanks, tank turrets, Armored cars and Long Range Desert Group vehicles are shown along with photos and videos of what they looked like while in action.

The HD photos are crisp and clear, and the video clips give a fascinating insight into these mighty vehicles of the Second World War.

It makes for a poignant reminder of a war frozen in time and, at only 6 minutes, this video is well worth watching!