Porsche 9ff Sports Car Faces Off Against Leopard 2 tank – Boys And Their Toys (Watch)

Can you imagine – A sports car versus a battle tank! These German vehicle enthusiasts put their favorite pieces of equipment through their paces. Which will prove to be the best?

Leopard 2 Battle Tank

The Leopard 2 battle tank is powered by the MTU MB 873 diesel engine, which provides 1,500 horsepower of engine thrust. The MTU MB 873 diesel engine has an approximate fuel consumption rate of almost 300 liters per 100 km on motorways and 500 liters per 100 km for off-road maneuvers. The engine is a four-stroke, 47.6 liter, 12-cylinder multi-fuel, liquid-cooled, exhaust turbocharged diesel engine.

The speed is limited to 50 km/h by law during peacetime, and a top speed in reverse is 31 km/h. When required, the power pack can be replaced in the field in 35 minutes.

The Porche 9ff Sports Car

The 9ff GT9 is a sports car created loosely on the famous Porsche 911, the Porche 9ff cars are put through a comprehensive remodel and are mounted with a heavily modified 4.0 liter flat 6 engine that produces 738 to 1,120 horsepower, depending on the alignment. One of the major differences from a Porche 911 is the engine position. Throughout Porsche’s history (excluding the Porsche 911 GT1 racer) every 911 has been rear-engine, but the engine for the GT9 is mid-engine for better weight distribution.

It takes the 9ff 3.8 seconds (from a moving start) or 5.2 seconds (from a complete stop) to reach 100 km/h; reaching 300 km/h in an astonishing 17.6 seconds.

However, which toy is more fun for the boys? Do you want to find out? Well, the boys at Autobild went out to play – their playground? The army training grounds in Neumünster, Germany.