5 Secret Military Bases in Unbelievable Places (Watch)

Kurt Weather Station

A missile base buried under the ice, mysterious Japanese submarine bases in Mexico, a Nazi weather station in Canada, a secret Japanese WWII town in Alaska, and aircraft carriers in Lake Michigan … Dark5 presents five secret hidden military bases discovered in the most unexpected places.

One of the bases mentioned in the video is a German Weatherstation off the coast of Canada:

On October 22nd, the U-537 arrived at the coast of Northern Labrador. Captain Schwere decided that it was necessary to install the station as far as possible from inhabited settlements.

He judged that this wasn’t going to be easy since these parts were inhabited by Inuit people who often hunted in the far North. It was vital to the Germans that the station stayed hidden as long as possible. They dropped anchor at the north-eastern tip of the Labrador peninsula, at Martin Bay.

Soon after, a scouting party checked the coast. The meteorologists, Sommermeyer and Hildebrant, accompanied by sailors started to assemble the 100 kg automatic weather station.

Armed lookouts were stationed around the perimeter to make sure nobody surprised the construction party. Meanwhile, the other crew members were tasked with repairing the damaged submarine.

The WFL Kurt was marked with a logo and a name of a non-existing company – Canadian Meteor Service. Empty American cigarette packs were placed around the station to make it more believable.

The U-Boat left and the station was operational until the war ended when it was forgotten, not to be discovered until 38 years later!