First look at WWII Movie ‘Fury’ Impressive

Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena and Jon Bernthal pose in costume for their WWII drama FuryFury director David Ayer shared a photo of the upcoming WWII movie via Twitter showing A-list Hollywood actor Brad Pitt together with his co-stars Shia LaBeouf, Michael Pena, Logan Lerman and Bernthal in all their uniform glory atop the movie’s, perhaps, biggest character – the tank dubbed Fury.

The photo, shared by the director Thursday was aptly captioned The Crew of the Fury.

Fury and World War II

The biopic’s plot revolves around a Sherman tank crew in WWII’s final weeks. Ayer, who is not only the movie’s director but also wrote the script, stated that the film takes on the exploits of that small band of soldiers and their Sherman tank as they battle against a desperate German division facing a predicament that was almost without hope.

Fury  is scheduled to be released in cinemas in November 2014.

Prior to filming, Brad Pitt practiced driving a Sherman tank with the help of instructors along the countryside of the Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset to get the feel of how it is using the war machine.

The actor had looked pleased as he did his tank test-drive few weeks ago.

He also cut his long golden locks he was sporting lately for the film. Now, he is seen sporting a much shorter do which he debuted last week when he arrived on the movie’s London set. his sleeker look is completed with heavy-rimmed glasses and a clean goatee beard.

The Hollywood actor’s garbs while preparing for the film seemed also to mirror his seriousness in his current movie role – he was recently seen donning a khaki overalls, black plain t-shirt and even camouflage boots.

Well, he is really getting the feel of being a “Wardaddy”  for the WWII movie.

-Article based on Daily Mirror



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