World War One Commonwealth soldiers’ memorial vandalised outside London

A World War one memorial in Woking, about half an hour south of central London, has been vandalised.

The memorial is Woking’s dedication to the people of the Commonwealthwho fought or lost their lives during World War One. It is a particular memorial and burial ground for the British Muslim soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the war effort.

The memorial, known as the Peace Gardens, is on land on Monument Road in Woking and is owned by Horsell Common Preservation Society. The site was being refurbished and equipment being used by the workmen had been secured around the site.

The vandals had particularly attacked the workmen’s equipment, with machinery and vehicles being damaged, as well as the CCTV cameras set on fire.

The Preservation Society says it is appalled that anyone would try to attack the memorial. It said that the burial ground was not vandalised, but there will now be a need for thousands of pounds to fix the damaged equipment and refurbishment facilities.

The renovation of the Peace Garden’s Muslim burial ground has been ongoing since August 2013 and was being updated to coincide with the 100th anniversary of World War One. The renovations were focused on the burial ground to commemorate the soldiers of the Commonwealth who took part in World War One, the Get Surrey reports.

The Society says that the memorial is for everyone in the local community and part of the national commemorations of World War One. They are dismayed that the vandals attacked the site, which is a symbolic and important part of Woking’s heritage.

Local police are investigating the vandalism and say that they won’t tolerate this kind of behaviour in their local area. They are urging anyone who saw anything or knows who committed the crime to contact the local police directly.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE