Will the world soon see a Third World War?

It is a bit terrifying to think about the mass devastation which took place during the First and Second World Wars. However, the time is not too distant when we will be confronted by a third world war, which will be perhaps much more horrifying than the previous two wars.

The Cold War between Russia and U.S. has become a concern in the international politics of 2015. Recently the Russian President, Vladimir Putin has signed and sanctioned a new Russian military doctrine dictating an expansion of Russian nuclear weapons defence systems in nearby Europe. This will be based on the joint defence projects with India, China and other countries.

Mikhail Gorbachev, former Soviet leader, warns that the ongoing crisis in Ukraine may turn into a Third World War, which will be fought with the nuclear forces of the U.S. and Russia, the Inquisitr reports.

Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, ex-member of Russian Joint Chiefs of Staff, in a recent interview  said:  “One must keep the U.S. territory at gunpoint to be able to immediately act on the territory. The group should target the Federal Reserve, but I’m joking here, of course. Yet, there is some truth in this joke, because, as a rule, it is financial oligarchs who start wars.”

Ivashov proposed that the Ministry for Foreign Affairs should go on a “combat mission” against the United States so that it can “cause damage to its economics infrastructure.” He stated: “Bingo – they have the U.S. territory at gunpoint, and this is what the Americans fear most. They invest a lot of money in missile defense but not to wage war on their own territory. They will be happy to stage wars anywhere, but not on their own territory. We need to find some power to create a group that could, in case of aggression against Russia, act on the territory of the United States. Now that would be a factor of deterrence. They say that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Russian Ministry of Defense are working on that already.”

Ivashov found that Russia’s nuclear weapons were an area of primary focus. Russian nuclear weapons have grown while U.S. capabilities have not.  In the new U.S. directive of 2003  the U.S. military’s focus is on locating high-precision AEGIS ballistic missiles in strategic areas. Ivashov stated: “Thus, the Americans plan to destroy our remaining ballistic missiles in the boost phase of their flight. For these purposes, the Americans created this missile defense. Afterwards, the AEGIS systems will disable the warheads of the missiles that have been launched. The Americans do their best to devalue the Russian nuclear missile potential. And they can succeed.”
Ivashov finds that technologically America is still more powerful than Russia; moreover, many of Russia’s neighboring countries are still under the “American nuclear umbrella”.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE