The Tiger is Back!

The Tank Museum’s Tiger 131 is home once again, after stealing the show on the set of Brad Pitt’s upcoming war film.

The internationally renowned Tiger is the only one of its kind still running in the world, and its appearance has been a significant part of Director David Ayer’s desire to ensure the utmost authenticity in his new project.

David Ayer said, “It was a privilege to have Tiger 131 on my film set. The staff of the museum was incredibly gracious, and I am excited to share such an Historically important machine with a World audience.”

Its time on set was overseen by an expert team from the Museum Workshop and the Tiger’s every need was catered for by the production team, with a special road being installed before the tank’s arrival.

Museum Director Richard Smith said, “It is excellent to see the Tiger back in her rightful place, knowing that we will be able to engage with audiences around the world on the film’s release in November.”

The Tiger is now back on display, in pride of place at The Tank Museum still in perfect working order.

Source: The Tank Museum

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