Team Believes They Have Proof of Nazi Gold Train Tunnels in Poland!

A team of German and Polish treasure-hunters say they have found proof of a tunnel near Walbrzych in Poland. They believe that a train, filled with gold, was buried there by the Nazis near the end of WWII.

As the search entered its second day, Christel Focken, a representative of XYZ (the group undertaking the search) told Sputnik News said, “We only found rocks on eight meters deep, very interesting that rocks are important for making a tunnel, so we think we have a tunnel underground or under the rocks. But we do not have the entrance [to the tunnel] at this moment.”

A 150-meter-long train from Germany disappeared in 1945 on its way from Breslau in Germany (now part of Poland and known as Wroclaw) to Walbrzych. The train was allegedly filled with guns, industrial equipment, gems, gold and other treasure. Some people think that the train is sealed in a hidden tunnel near Ksiaz Castle, outside of Walbrzych but there is no documentation to substantiate this theory.

“It’s not a big treasure,” said Focken. The main interest of this group of explorers is to find the mouth of the tunnel that may be part of an underground city.

“We spent one-half million zloty [some $131,800] for this area to dig there, we have no interest for treasure, we have only interest to know where the tunnel is ending,” a search team representative stated.

A group from AGH University of Science and Technology consisting of geologists and engineers spent a month last year using magnetic field detectors, thermal imaging cameras, and radar. They concluded that a tunnel may indeed exist but could find no evidence of a train or treasure.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE